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TLD ASU-600 100-150 PPM Jet Engine Air Start Unit

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The TLD ASU-600-100-CUP and ASU-600-150-CUP Continuous Flow Aircraft Jet Engine Air Start Units (ASU) produce 100 & 150 PPM and up to 40 PSIG start air pressure to meet the needs of most regional jets and narrow body aircraft. The TLD ASU-600 Series Air Start Units can be configured as skid or trailer mounted units.

Basic components include an air-cooled rotary screw compressor, diesel engine, and the TLD air regulating system. Standard features include dual mode operation, automatic throttle rollback and an easy access canopy. These components and features combine to produce the most versatile and cost-efficient air start units available.

Available in 2 configurations:

  • ASU-600-100-CUP: 100 ppm – Cummins diesel engine, Aerzen compressor
  • ASU-600-150-CUP: 150 ppm – Cummins diesel engine, Aerzen compressor

NOTE: Sales territory restrictions may apply, please contact us for more information.

  • “Oil-free dry-screw” rotary compressor. Precision clearances of compressor rotors eliminate the need for Teflon or other coatings, which can fail due to differential expansion between rotors and casing.
  • Integral oil cooler and fan as part of the compressor eliminates unnecessary plumbing.
  • Double seals and ventilated intermediate chambers prevent oil contamination of rotors.
  • Flexible coupling connects the engine to the compressor.
  • Integrated housing bolts directly to engine flywheel eliminating alignment problems.
  • Extra Rugged design – fully galvanized base and powder-coated panels and doors provide the best possible resistance to the harsh GSE application.
  • Automatic throttle rollback system to decrease engine RPM when full output is not required, reducing noise and fuel consumption.
  • Two-mode operation. Air pacs and jet start modes have independently adjustable supply pressures.
  • Discharge Silencer and low compressor rotor speed greatly reduces noise.
  • Aircraft safety systems – designed to protect from overpressure during starting procedures.
  • Safety systems designed to protect the unit from damage due to high temperature or a loss of oil pressure.
  • Normal compressor overhaul at 25,000 operating hours.
  • Easy to operate, with engine/compressor instrumentation on control panel.
  • 4 large doors allow unhampered access to all components for ease of routine maintenance.
  • Outlet air temperature of approx 410F (210C) (based on standard day conditions) assures starts.
  • One outlet provided.
  • Properly rated chassis cab or fifth wheel steering trailer – highly maneuverable in congested airport environments.
  • 24 VDC system.
  • Fuel filter/water separator.
  • Fault annunciation.

156" L x 60" W x 76" H (396 x 152 x 193 cm)


  • ASU-600-100-CUP: 6,640 lbs. (3,012 kg)
  • ASU-600-150-CUP: 8,050 lbs. (3,660 kg)

  • Fuel filter / water separator with heater.
  • Low fuel warning system with flashing or rotating beacon, red or amber.
  • Low fuel warning and shutdown system with flashing or rotating beacon, red or amber.
  • Warning beacon, flashing or rotating, red or amber.
  • Engine block heater, 120 or 240 VAC.
  • Engine cool down timer.
  • Skid-mounted configuration.

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ASU-600-100-CUP (100 PPM), ASU-600-150-CUP (150 PPM)

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