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TLD ASU-600 180-300 PPM Jet Engine Air Start Unit

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The ASU-600 Series is a line of truck or trailer mounted continuous flow jet engine starting units, producing 180-300 PPM of airflow at up to 40 PSIG pressure.

Major components include an air-cooled rotary screw compressor, the latest emissions-compliant diesel engine, and the proven ACE air regulating system. Standard features include dual mode operation, automatic throttle roll-back and an easy access canopy mounted on a rugged, galvanized steel chassis. These components and features combine to produce the most versatile and cost efficient air start units on the market today.

The TLD ASU-600 180-300 PPM Series Aircraft Jet Engine Air Start Units come in 8 configurations:

  • ASU-600-180-DD: 180 ppm, Detroit diesel engine
  • ASU-600-180-DU: 180 ppm, Deutz diesel engine
  • ASU-600-200-DD: 200 ppm, Detroit diesel engine
  • ASU-600-200-DU: 200 ppm, Deutz diesel engine
  • ASU-600-270-SC: 270 ppm, Scania Tier 4 diesel engine
  • ASU-600-300-DD: 300 ppm, Detroit diesel engine
  • ASU-600-300-DU: 300 ppm, Deutz diesel engine

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  • “Oil-free dry-screw” rotary compressor. Precision cutting of compressor rotors eliminates the need for teflon or other coatings, which can fail due to differential expansion between rotors and casing.
  • Integral oil cooler and fan
  • Double seals and ventilated intermediate chambers prevent oil contamination of rotors.
  • Easy to operate, with engine / compressor instrumentation on control panel.
  • Torsional isolation between male compressor rotor and built-in multiplying gearbox.
  • Warm up and Cool down Systems
  • Fault annunciation system
  • Fully Galvanized Frame and powder-coated panels for unprecedented corrosion resistance
  • Integrated housing, bolts directly to engine flywheel eliminating alignment problems.
  • Automatic throttle roll-back system, to decrease engine speed when full output is not required, reducing noise and fuel consumption.
  • Two-mode operation - Air packs and jet start modes have independently adjustable supply pressures.
  • Aircraft safety systems – designed to protect from overpressure or loss of pressure during starting procedures.
  • Safety systems, designed to protect the unit from damage due to high temperature or a loss of oil pressure.
  • Normal compressor overhaul at 25,000 operating hours.
  • Wide doors allow unhampered access to all components for ease of routine maintenance.
  • Outlet air temperature of 390°F (200°C) assures quick starts.
  • Two each 3-1/2” I.D. outlets provided
  • Properly rated chassis cab or fifth wheel steering trailer – highly maneuverable in congested airport environments.
  • Tie down and Lifting rings.

  • Fuel filter / water separator with heater
  • Hush kit
  • Low fuel warning system with flashing or rotating beacon, red or amber
  • Low fuel warning and shutdown system with flashing or rotating beacon, red or amber
  • Warning beacon, flashing, non- flashing or rotating, red or amber
  • Engine block heater, 120 or 240 VAC
  • Engine cool down timer
  • Electronic ether start (Detroit engines only)
  • Plastic rub rails

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ASU-600-180-DD, ASU-600-180-DU, ASU-600-200-DD, ASU-600-200-DU, ASU-600-270-SC, ASU-600-300-DD, ASU-600-300-DU

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