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AERO JetGo 800AL-RJ 28V DC Diesel Hybrid Ground Power Unit

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Legacy AERO Product ID: 1441

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The JetGo 800AL-RJ series is now discontinued. It has been replaced by the JetGo 900 28V Deisel-Hybrid Ground Power Unit, which offers many improvements over its predecessors. 

Click here to view the new AERO JetGo 900 28V Diesel-Hybrid Ground Power Unit


The AERO Specialties JetGo 800AL-RJ 28.5V DC diesel-electric hybrid aircraft ground power unit (GPU) provides impressive continuous and peak power in addition to offering advanced aircraft protection systems. The 800AL-RJ features a turbocharged 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine with 800 amp continuous performance at 28V DC and a 2300+ amp starting capability. The hybrid battery system features 4 batteries with absorbent glass mat technology, allowing for improved reliability and reduced maintenance, even at low temperatures. The JetGo’s lightweight and compact size leads to easy portability, whether across the ramp or around the world. These GPUs provide a sophisticated ground power solution for aircraft avionics and maintenance support, electrical, air, and environmental systems as well as aircraft engine starting needs.

The model 800AL-RJ is mission-built for the support of all Regional Airline Turboprop and 28.5V DC Jet airframes. This unit performs all support functions, including gate support and aircraft starting – even on the toughest applications (such as ATR, Q400, and SAAB airframes). The model 800AL-RJ unit complies with performance standards established by regional airframe manufacturers including ISO 6858, addressing minimum voltage and amperage standards.

JetGo GPUs have been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand in the aviation industry for a quieter yet powerful “green” ground power unit. With an EPA Tier 4i rating for low-emission nonroad diesel engines, JetGo GPUs meet all current air quality emission standards.  Its brilliant design, from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint, promises to set a new standard for 28V DC ground power units. The 800AL-RJ’s amazingly compact size, peak power, aircraft protection features, operator safety and ease of use have made this truly a one-of-a-kind unit. Already a popular unit with military installations, FBOs, MROs, and regional airlines; these ground power units have also become a hit with corporate aircraft operators and flight departments who appreciate the ability to become self-sufficient in external aircraft ground power and service – all without breaking the bank!

The JetGo 800AL-RJ boasts a heavy-duty RJ1 galvanized rust-proof trailer and integrated cable tray.

Compares to Hobart Jet-Ex-6, Jet-Ex-6D, Jet-Ex-6DZ eLite Series 28.5 VDC Ground Power Units. Also Compares to Tronair/Arvico 28.5 VDC Diesel GPU, part numbers 112820C1T3, 112820CS1T3, 112820CST3, 112820CT3, 282500, 282500C, 112820C, 112820C1, 112820C2, and 112820CS. Other comparisons include Jetall JTL28D3, Tug Technologies/Davco Magnum GP28M, Davco 7028 TVC Magnum, Batesfield Diesel 2000/3000, FCX Systems GPU028-600-C.

Simple Automated Operation

  • One-button start/stop system
  • Backlit digital display allows for precise operation without the parallax effect that can be caused by analog meters
  • Automatic ramp-up/cool-down turbo protection system
  • Generous cable storage in our rear cable tray
  • Clearly placed, easy to understand operating instructions

Aircraft Protection Systems

  • 28.5V DC auto stabilization (no adjustments ever required by operators)
  • Over Voltage aircraft protection - with fault indicator light
  • Under Voltage protection provided by Hybrid-Battery pack at 24V DC
  • Simple contactor on/off switch with indicator
  • Aircraft Engine Hot Start Protection: 28V starting power remains in hybrid batteries in event of engine fault
  • Low profile provides excellent view of aircraft and cable connection to the aircraft
  • All rounded edges greatly limit the potential for aircraft and unit damage

Automated Engine Protection Systems

  • Low Fuel shutdown: prevents an unnecessary trip to your maintenance department to bleed dry injectors
  • High engine temp shut down
  • Low oil pressure shut down
  • Low coolant level alert
  • Emergency shutdown button

Hybrid Battery System

  • UPG UB16600 battery with absorbant glass mat technology (4 each)
  • Capacity: 570 CCA @ 0° F (per battery)


  • Cold weather kit- protects engine and hybrid batteries from frigid winter temperatures
  • LED Spotlight – illuminate your work area for added safety
  • 115V AC Duplex convenience outlets to operate vacuums, lights, etc. - even our Flagro heater option
  • Flagro 390,000 BTU heater – diesel or JetA fired portable unit (runs off 115V inverter)
  • 12/14V DC Option: separate cable, contactor and volt gauge
  • Break-away DC aircraft cable for added protection
  • Additional options available for other specific applications

Built to Last

  • Heavy-duty galvanized rust-proof trailer with 5th wheel steering
  • Robust Marine-grade fiberglass enclosure: fade-resistant UV rated and fire rated for safety and durability
  • Stainless steel hardware provides a rust and corrosion free chassis
  • Heavy-duty running gear rated to 4,000 lbs. and featuring a towbar-actuated braking system
  • No-maintenance LED control panel and side safety running lights illuminate when unit is operating

  • AERO Specialties 12 month manufacturers limited warranty
  • Kubota diesel engine: 2 years/2000 hours engine limited warranty with a 3 year/3000 hour engine component limited warranty
  • Batteries: 24 month manufacturers limited warranty

Each JetGo option is represented by a unique AERO Product ID. When requesting a quote, please specify each option you would like to order in the "Options" area above. Click on each thumbnail to view a detailed image.

JG550-01-425: Custom color option for JetGo units. We will work with you to design a JetGo unit around your custom color palette.
JG550-01-425-426_JetGo_Custom-Color-Grey_Bumper-Kit_01 JetGo_Custom-Red_01 AERO_Pink_JetGo_01_web JG550-01-425_JetGo_Custom_Color_Option_01

JG550-01-426: Bumper kit for JetGo units. Includes 4 protective corner bumpers.
JG550-01-425-426_JetGo_Custom-Color-Grey_Bumper-Kit_01 JG550-01-426_JetGo_Bumper-Kit_01 001917_AERO_Corner_Bumper_01

JG550-01-428: Cold weather kit for all series of JetGo diesel Hybrid units. Includes engine block heater, two aircraft start battery blanket warmers, and one Optima engine start battery with warmer blanket. Requires 15Amp 115V service.

JG550-01-429-24V: 115V or 220V AC convenience receptacle for all series of JetGo diesel-hybrid units. Includes 115V or 220V AC control panel with duplex 20 amp GFI receptacles (3,500 watt rating). Allows user to power devices such as vacuums, power tools, lighting, laptop computers, and more. Customer must specify 115V or 220V AC option when ordering.
JG550-01-429-24V_JetGo_115-20amp_AC_Inverter_02web JG550-01-429-24V_JetGo_115-20amp_AC_Inverter_03web JG550-01-429-24V_JetGo_115-20amp_AC_Inverter_04web

JG550-01-430: Engine block heater for all series JetGo diesel-hybrid units.

JG550-01-432: 12V LED mounted spotlight.
JG550-OPT-432_JetGo_Work_Light_01web JG550-OPT-432_JetGo_Work_Light_02web

JG550-01-433: Low fuel warning strobe light for all JetGo diesel-hybrid models, red color (other color options available). 10-15 minute engine shutdown delay.
JG550-01-433_JetGo_Low-Fuel-Warning-Strobe-Beacon-Light_01 JG550-01-433_JetGo_Low-Fuel-Warning-Strobe-Beacon-Light_02

JG550-01-435: Laptop computer auxiliary tray for JetGo GPUs.

JG550-01-445: Breakaway 30' 4/0 DC GPU cable with molded aircraft plug. Includes 3-pole DC cable assembly with 2 each 4/0 cables (overall length: 30'); 3-pole DC pigtail (breakaway section) with 2 each 4/0 cables (overall length 3') with water tight male receptacle.

JG550-01-446: Onboard/dedicated 12" wheel chock set. Secured to unit for storage in RJ unit cable tray via stainless steel lanyard.
JG550-01-425-JetGo_Custom-Color-White_Wheel-Chocks JG550-01-446_JetGo_Onboard_Wheel_Chocks_01

JG550-01-447: Flagro FV0-400 portable indirect fired oil heater, complete with two (2) 25' output hoses. Temperature is controlled by a remote thermostat (included) at duct end. Heater can be powered by JetGo unit equipped with option JG550-01-429-24V.

  • 390,000 BTU/hr
  • Prime mover: Requires 115Vac 60Hz 20AMP
  • Fuel Types:  Diesel, Jet-A or Kerosene
  • Complete with: (2) 12” x 25' hoses and remote thermostat

JG550-01-447_JetGo_Flagro_Heater_Option_01 JG550-01-447_JetGo_Flagro_Heater_Option_02

JG550-01-448: 12/14 VDC output option for JetGo GPUs. 875 AMP peak. Separate volt meter and contactor (with switch). 20' 1/0 DC output cable with standard aircraft plug (color coded and labeled for 12 VDC).

JG550-01-467: Safety cable interlock warning system. This system is designed to protect the aircraft and GPU by alerting the operator if the cable head is not properly stored when the unit is being moved. Featuring a flashing LED beacon and a 116dB alarm, this feature prevents the user from moving the GPU if the cable is still plugged into the aircraft.

004388: Galvanized cord rack for all JetGo RJ-Series GPUs. Facilitates easy handling of heavy DC cables - especially in cold weather areas. Heavy duty handle doubles as a push handle. Easy bolt-on option.

  • Standard color: white (optional colors available)
  • 800 continuous amps at 28.5 volts DC
  • 2300+ peak amp start capability
  • Kubota 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine
  • EPA Tier 4i and EU Stage IIIA emissions compliant
  • Aircraft over and under voltage protection with optional added soft-start capabilities
  • Efficient fuel consumption: 0.8-1.5 gallons (3-6 liters) per hour (depending on load and atmospheric conditions)
  • Extremely quiet: Less than 63db at 20 feet (at full load)
  • Includes 20-foot MS3506 military spec output cable with standard NATO aircraft plug

JetGo Tier 4i low-emission nonroad diesel ground power units are exempt from both California Local Air District permits and the California Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Diesel Particulate Matter. The Kubota engines used are rated at less than 50 Horsepower and are therefore not regulated by California statutes.


  • Physical: 108" L x 42" W x 45" H (274.32cm x 106.68cm x 114.3cm)
  • Crated: 121" L x 50" W x 61" H (307.34cm x 127cm x 154.94cm)
  • Weight: 1,990 lbs. (902.65 kg.), crated weight: 2,430 lbs. (1,102.23 kg.)

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