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AERO Coolspool Combination 28V DC Power Supply and Aircraft Start Unit

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The Coolspool Combination GPU has been developed to provide continuous power for avionics/air conditioning and for starting most DC turbine and turboprop aircraft. This small and easy-to-move GPU is completely user configurable.

Available in three different configurations, (100A, 200A or 300A) the Coolspool Combination utilises DC power supplies and high-discharge batteries to deliver instant ripple free power for turbine starting. The output voltage can be manually adjusted by the operator ensuring the GPU delivers the desired output voltage to the aircraft. Each Coolspool Combination GPU is supplied with power supply status LEDs, output voltage and current indicators and battery state-of-charge monitoring system.

The battery isolator switch and sealed lead acid batteries ensure the GPU is cleared for air transportation. The GPU is supplied with a Nato lead set and input lead cable, and also has dedicated cable storage space. Each Coolspool Combination GPU can be used inside the hangar or outside on the ramp, either plugged in to an external supply input or utilising its own DC battery power for turbine starting.

  • Crated Weight: 379 lbs (172 kg)
  • Width: 93 in. (236 cm)
  • Height: 79 in. (200 cm)
  • Depth: 97 in. (246 cm)

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