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TLD GPU-4120-E-CUP 120 kVA Diesel Ground Power Unit

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The TLD GPU-4120-E-CUP 400 Hz Ground Power Unit features a brushless revolving field generator, rubber torsion axle-mounted chassis of rugged galvanized steel construction with fifth wheel steering and powder-coated sheet metal panels. The unit meets U.S. and EURO emission standards.

The GPU-4120-E-CUP is available with an optional 28.5 volts DC power output package, part number GPU-4120-E-CUP-28. The 28V option creates outputs for a 120 kVA 400 Hz AC and 28V DC combination aircraft ground power supply.

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NSN: 1730-01-594-1886, 6115-01-467-2249, 5961-01-595-2799


Dimensions: 156" L x 60" W x 68” H (3.962m x 1.524m x 1.727m)

Weight: 5,740 lbs (2,609 kg)

  • Transformer rectifier: 28.5 VDC with current limiting - 1000 amps continuous, 2500 amps peak. Can be field installed.
  • Beacon: Amber or red, flashing or rotating
  • Low fuel warning
  • Low fuel warning with shutdown or idle
  • Engine block heater
  • Fuel filter/water separator with heater
  • Hush kit
  • Rub rails

Engine Specifications:

  • 24 volt starting motor
  • Heavy-duty spark arrestor/silencer
  • Pusher type fan
  • Full-flow lubricating oil filter
  • Dry-type air cleaner
  • (2) 12-volt batteries
  • Full flow fuel filter
  • De-aerator tank
  • Low coolant shutdown

Generator Specifications:

  • 400 Hz 115/200 volts nominal
  • +/- 15% adjustable
  • 3 phases
  • 4 wire wye-connected
  • Grounded neutral
  • Revolving field
  • Brushless
  • Self-cooling
  • Single bearing
  • Brushless rotating rectifier assembly
  • Directly connected to the engine

Generator Controls:

Digital generator control module (GCM) features voltage regulation, generator fault protection, and a generator operating parameter display. The GCM monitors the 400 Hz output when 400 Hz is in use and automatically switches over to monitor 28.5 VDC output when optional 28.5 VDC transformer rectifier is in use. The voltage regulator provides line drop compensation on 400 Hz as well as line drop compensation and current limiting on optional 28.5 VDC transformer rectifier. The GCM displays the generator output operating parameters such as voltage, current, and frequency digitally on a backlit LCD. The GCM is programmed to provide generator output fault protection in the following settings:

  • Over frequency: 420 Hz in 5 seconds
  • Under frequency: 380 Hz in 7 seconds
  • Over voltage: 130 volts in 2 seconds
  • Under voltage: 100 volts in 7 seconds
  • Overload: 125% of rated load for 5 minutes

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