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AERO Specialties Coolspool 130 & 260 28V DC Battery Ramp Cart

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Legacy AERO Product ID: 2020342 | 2020341

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The Coolspool 130 and 260 28V DC battery carts are designed to suit the requirements of a range of applications, from small corporate jet and medium size helicopter operators and FBOs to large fleet operators or FBOs supporting multiple DC business aircraft and requiring more capacity for frequent starts, compressor washes or avionics use.

A combination of high-discharge maintenance-free batteries, each of 130 Ah capacity are connected in series to provide 130 Ah capacity. Where increased capacity is required, the cart design allows a second set of batteries to be connected in parallel, thereby doubling the capacity to 260 Ah.

All models of cart are fitted as standard with an internal 75A quickdemountable charger/power supply module providing rapid recharge of batteries.

Switching from ‘charge mode’ to ‘aircraft mode’ allows up to 75A of continuous power to the aircraft for extended avionics use and software updates.

Each Coolspool is fitted with a solid state voltmeter and charge ammeter, lockable heavy-duty push/pull emergency isolator switch, NATO lead set, charge lead and spare wheel.

The Coolspool range of battery carts is now recognized worldwide for the massive financial savings in fuel and maintenance they deliver to operators who have replaced diesel GPU’s with these silent maintenance and pollution free rechargeable mobile battery carts.

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  • High powered sealed lead acid AGM batteries
  • Cleared for air transportation
  • 75A, 28V DC internal power supply/charger
  • Charging/charge complete LED indicators
  • ‘Aircraft Mode’ switch for continuous 28V power to aircraft
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized frame with aluminium panels
  • Removable tow arm
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Spare wheel fitted to roof
  • Aircraft cable with heavy-duty NATO connector
  • Harsh environment input cable with plug
  • Heavy-duty output isolator with replaceable contacts
  • Security ‘R’ clip isolator lock
  • Solid state voltmeter/ammeter with ‘push to view’ feature

  • L: 50" (1,270mm)
  • W: 31" (782mm)
  • H: 32" (801mm)
  • Coolspool 130 Weight: 346 lbs. (157kg)
  • Coolspool 260 Weight: 595 lbs. (270kg)

  • 2006421 (Legacy AERO Product ID: COOLSPOOL-130-28V): Coolspool 130, 28VDC
  • 2006425 (Legacy AERO Product ID: COOLSPOOL-260-28V): Coolspool 260, 28VDC

  • Peak amps**: CS130: 4000A CS260: 8000A
  • Nominal voltage: 28V DC depending on model
  • Standing voltage: 27.8V DC
  • Amp/hour capacity: 130 Ah or 260 Ah @ 10 hr rate (20°C)
  • Operating temp: -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to + 122°F)
  • Case: Galvanized steel frame with alloy panels
  • Voltmeter/Ammeter: Solid state LED, IP65
  • Aircraft cable: 4m (13ft) with heavy-duty rubber NATO connector
  • Output current: 75A @ 28V DC (aircraft mode)
  • Charger: 75A 2-stage internal charger (charge mode)
  • Input voltage: 180–264V AC/47–63Hz
  • Input current: 16A @ 230V AC 20A @ 180V AC/single phase (typical)
  • Input cable: 3m with 16A 3 pin 6h blue plug
  • Cooling: Forced ventilation (internal power supply)
  • Tow eye dimensions: 50mm (2in) for occasional/low speed towing
  • NGAGE: KD628

** Peak amps is a theoretical calculation of the instantaneous current from a momentary dead short across the battery terminals. It is not representative of the power delivered at the aircraft plug due to cable losses and other factors. This figure is only shown for comparative purposes.

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