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AERO Specialties Coolspool 29 Twin 28V Aircraft Start Unit

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Size and weight are important considerations for hand-portable aircraft start units. Situations exist where additional battery capacity and performance is required while retaining the essential benefits of mobility or ‘hand-portability’.

When compared to a 24V DC start unit of the same capacity, the Coolspool 29 delivers a significantly higher performance, resulting in faster spool-ups and cooler starts impacting directly on turbine life. The Coolspool 29 Twin can be split into separate modules for ease of transport and is designed to be carried on board for emergency power or turbine starting. This aircraft start unit is fitted with an automatic 3-stage internal charger for maximum cell longevity and is suitable for starting larger turbine aircraft and helicopters.

Each Coolspool 29 is fitted with solid state voltmeter with ‘push to view’ button to monitor battery voltage. A spring-loaded output cover ensures the aircraft start unit is cleared for air transportation. Supplied with NATO lead set, charge lead and heavy-duty canvas protective jacket.

Compares to: Red Box RB85A Twin, Start Pac 6028QC Twin

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  • High powered sealed lead acid batteries
  • Internal chargers with LED status indicator
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium case with carry handle
  • Controls protected by twin front protection bars
  • Aircraft cable with heavy-duty NATO connector
  • Spring-loaded output connector cover
  • Auxiliary socket for plug-in accessories
  • Solid state voltmeter with ‘push to view’ feature
  • Fitted with rubber anti-slip, shock absorbent feet
  • Double trolley
  • Heavy-duty canvas protective jackets

  • L: 19" (500mm)
  • W: 22" (560mm)
  • H: 43" (1,100mm)
  • Weight: 154 lbs. (70kg)
  • (Dimensions include trolley)

  • 4m NATO lead
  • 24V inspection lamp

  • Peak amps**: 4800A
  • MDA††: 1300A
  • Standing voltage: 27.8V DC
  • Amp/hour capacity: 52 Ah @ 10 hr rate (20°C)
  • Operating temp: -40°C to +45°C (-40°F to + 113°F)
  • Case: Aluminium with shock absorbing feet
  • Voltmeter: Solid state LED, IP65
  • Aircraft cable: 6ft with heavy-duty rubber NATO connector
  • Parallel cable: Heavy-duty polarized connector
  • Charger: 2 x 1.9A 3-stage internal charger/90 –264V AC/47–63Hz/single phase
  • NCAGE: KD628

** Peak amps is a theoretical calculation of the instantaneous current from a momentary dead short across the battery terminals. It is not representative of the power delivered at the aircraft plug due to cable losses and other factors. This figure is only shown for comparative purposes.

†† MDA: Maximum Deliverable Amps. This figure is the actual peak current available at the aircraft plug based on Powervamp’s load bank tests. It is UNIQUE to this Powervamp product. Powervamp can substantiate this figure with documented test results. Test conditions – Temperature: 20°C/68F, Lead Type: Powervamp 2 metre NATO, Minimum Voltage: 16 volts (at aircraft plug).

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