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TLD ABS-580 Aircraft Passenger Stair Truck


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TLD ABS-580 EXECUTIVE passengers stairways provide the ultimate in comfort and safety for the complete range of narrow, medium and wide body aircraft. ABS-580 series accommodate door sill heights from 86″(2,20m) up to 228″(5,80m) providing the ultimate in aircraft adaptability. TLD Executive stairways offer the widest stair width 59″ (1500mm), and most generous platform width 87″ (2800mm) in the industry. The capacity rating of handling up to 74 people greatly expiates the loading process.

The telescopic stairway design provides a constant and safe stair pitch throughout the entire height range. The additional width of the stairs and platform provides the safest and most comfortable operation possible. Stairways are built to be rustproof featuring extruded-aluminum non-slip steps, aluminum sidewalls and anodized handrails. Complete unit and stairway feature bright LED lighting.

All driving and aircraft approach operations are carried out from the driver’s station.
The stair can swivels according to the frame. Its tilting angle can be adjusted with the tilting cylinders, which enable precise positioning of the platform in respect to the aircraft doorsill.

4 vertical cylinders with ball-joint base plates ensure ground stabilization.
The spacious top platform is equipped at the front with a self-adjusting sliding and swiveling platform, which enables automatic and safe docking with the aircraft.
All surfaces that are in contact with the aircraft are protected with rubber strips or bumpers.

The stair guardrails are made of reinforced foam- aluminum sandwich panels. Those panels support anodized aluminum tube handrails and the lighting units.
The ABS-580 features a notch-bar on each side of flight structure for electromechanical security latching.

The latches will automatically retract while lowering the telescopic flight.

  • Power systems:
    • Diesel: Tier3 Tier4F-Stage5 (4 cylinder engines)
    • Electric: 80vDC - AC drive
  • Transmission: Powershift transmission Graziano PST2 (standard version)
  • Steering: Hydraulically assisted steering
  • Fuel tank: Capacity 80 liters / 21 US gallons
  • Hydraulic tank: Capacity 80 liters / 21 US gallons
  • Front axle: Heavy duty, rigidly-mounted front axle
  • Rear axle: Rigidly-mounted rear axle
  • Wheels and tires: 215 / 75 R17.5 pneumatic tires
  • Dynamic brakes: Power assisted brakes: dry disks on front wheels and drums on rear wheels. Dual braking system (front and rear circuits are separated) for maximum safety.
  • Parking brake: The rear drum brakes are remotely operated from the driver’s seat by a lever and cable to lock the rear wheels.
  • Hydraulic circuit: All hydraulic functions are assured by a dedicated gear pump and a manually operated valve bank.
  • Speed: Up to 25 km/h (16 mph) in standard
  • Electrical system:
    • 12 V circuit
    • 55 A alternator
    • Battery master switch
    • Stairway lighting with LED
    • LED road traffic type lighting system
    • 1 working light at front of driver’s station
    • Illuminated dashboard with indicators for flight functions
    • Amber flashing beacon on top of driver’s station
    • Spring applied / solenoid released security latches
    • Safety straps at both extremities of flight
    • Anti-reverse safety system on transmission
  • Paint: White - RAL 9016
  • Emergency equipment: In the driving station, a manual handpump allows the emergency operation of all hydraulic elements on the unit via the manual valve bank in case of power failure.
  • Minimum platform height: 86" (2200 mm)
  • Maximum platform height: 228" (5800 mm)
  • Maximum Stairway load: 13,051 lb (5920 kg) **RATED FOR 74 PERSONS**
  • Turning radius (outside wheel): 312" (7925 mm)
  • Wind resistance in raised position: 125 km/h
    • With open sides canopy: 90 km/h
    • With closed sides canopy: 75 km/h
  • Weight: 15,430 lbs (7000 kg)


  • "ASD" Aircraft Safe Dock (TLD Exclusive)
  • Driving cab kit with heater/defroster
  • Open Steel cab
  • Rotating beacon
  • Working light under platform
  • Emergency DC pump
  • Timer for flight lighting
  • Flight lighting photo-electric cell control
  • VIP kit
  • Protection Kit
  • Wide platform: 110" (2800 mm)
  • Canopy kit
  • Safety shoe with warning horn & flashing beacon

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