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TLD NBL Belt Loader (Gas, Diesel, or Electric)

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The NBL belt loader is a very modular piece of equipment which can be provided with many types of engines and with different transmissions (powershift or hydrostatic). Designed for reliability and low maintenance costs, the NBL uses the latest technology and features very simple electric and hydraulic circuits. Location and accessibility of all components have been designed to reduce maintenance time to a minimum. The new boom design allows the NBL boom to reach the lowest level in the market; in addition different boom widths and lengths are available to allow all kinds of operation. The NBL has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum driving comfort, simple controls and excellent visibility.

  • Engines:
      Available in gasoline, diesel, or electric
    • Gasoline or diesel engines available in Tier 3 or Tier 4 final:
      • 4 cylinders diesel engine
      • 4 cylinders gasoline engine
  • Transmission: Powershift transmission Graziano PST2 (standard version)
  • Front axle: Heavy duty steering axle solid mounted
  • Rear axle: Heavy duty driving axle solid mounted
  • Brake (service): Braking is achieved by disc brakes on front wheels and drum brakes on rear wheels. Dual system, separated front and rear for maximum safety.
  • Brake (parking): The rear drum brakes are remotely operated from the driver’s seat by a lever and cable to lock the rear wheels.
  • Hydraulic circuit: The hydraulic flow (15 l/min) for all the functions is provided by a gear pump and maximum pressure is limited to 140 bars (2000 psi) by a relief valve.
  • Steering: Hydrostatic steering is provided as a standard.
  • Boom: The standard boom is 7800 mm long and has a 700 mm width (780 mm with LHS fixed guide); the belt is 600 mm wide and can accept a load of 1200 kg evenly distributed, 600 kg at maximal boom angle and 250 kg concentrated load. Fixed belt speed at 18 m/min.
  • Boom and belt controls: Are electrically controlled (piloted) through solenoid-valves. Belt rotation is made by hydraulic motor; two (single effect) cylinders are acting on steel frames to control the height of the boom.
  • Tires: Front and rear tires are 225/70 R15 tubeless
  • Fuel tank capacity: 40 liters
  • Hydraulic tank: The capacity of the hydraulic tank is 70 liters and a return filter is incorporated.
  • Electrical system:
    • 12 VDC electrical system, 95 Ah battery
    • Electric horn, work light, amber flashing beacon and battery master switch
    • LED road traffic type lighting system
    • Electric card, relays and circuit breakers cabinet conveniently located below the driver’s dashboard
    • Master switch (CE) or emergency switch on dashboard

Dimensions: 323" L x 82" W x 47" H, w/o rails (820 cm x 206 cm x 118 cm)

Weight: 7,011 lbs. (3,180 kg)

Specify Options When Requesting A Quote:
  • Cabin without door
  • Cabin with door and heater
  • Rotating beacon
  • Manual hydraulic pump for emergency
  • Side chassis protection
  • Belt speed adjustable
  • Various side rails and handrails packages are available
  • Spare wheel
  • LPG engine

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