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Hydraulic system testing is a complex activity made easy with the AERO Specialties family of Hydraulic Power Units. Simplify your aircraft hydraulic system testing with the innovative, fast, safe, quiet, and convenient family of HPUs. The large, easy to read display includes dedicated pushbutton controls for flow and pressure adjustments to allow the operator to focus on the aircraft test procedures instead of the HPU. Standard data-logging with downloadable Excel files document accurate test results and aid record keeping. Gone are the days of manual adjustments for flow and pressure – thanks to the digital control system, the HPU automatically regulates pressure during flow rate changes. The AERO Specialties HPU eliminates the risk of over-pressure events which can cause aircraft damage or injuries to personnel. Built for tough environments with a full stainless-steel enclosure covering a galvanized frame, and full-enclosure drip tray. Maintenance is simple thanks to tool-less access panels, fully marked components, wires and hoses and consumable parts lists available through the digital display. The HPU 4 is designed for narrow and wide-body commercial and larger military transport/tanker aircraft.


  • Compact design for easy maneuvering and low clearance in tight hangers
  • Pushbutton controls for pressure and flow with ergonomically designed indicators for pressure, flow and valve position – Simple to learn, simple to use
  • Full data capture and logging via downloadable Excel files, showing time-based flow, pressure, temperature, aircraft tail number, operator, operation time, and alarm information (filter failures, Hi/Lo oil temp, pressure, flow)
  • Built-in maintenance reminders and consumable parts lists
  • Low maintenance materials – stainless-steel panels over galvanized frame minimizes corrosion potential
  • Easy maintenance access – tool-less access panel removal and full-enclosure drip tray
  • Enclosed reservoir with external sight-glass, Hi/Lo level alarms and convenient drain valve
  • Redundant, analog pressure gauge for operator assurance during critical testing
  • Supply and return filters (3-5 micron)
  • Low operating sound level (<75 dBA)
  • On-board cable and hose storage hooks
  • ANSI T2.24.1-1991 easy access fluid sample port

Standard Safety Features:

  • Electric Soft Start & Voltage/phase monitor
  • Pressure relief valve
  • High/low fluid reservoir level monitoring & shutdown
  • High fluid temperature warning & shutdown
  • Visual and electric filter clogging indicator/shutdown
  • Green LED running light and red LED warning/error light
  • Visual reservoir sight glass
  • CE Compliant

Standard Features:

  • Heat Exchanger for fluid cooling
  • Imperial / Metric Units
  • English, French, German & Spanish display
  • Tie downs & Fork-lift Pockets
  • 25 ft. (7.6 m) supply and return hoses
  • 50 ft. (15.2 m) power cord – 4/0AWG 4 Conductor (120mm^2 EU) (no plug included)
  • Easily drainable reservoir
  • Full Trailer package with suspension

The equipment listed on this information sheet must only be operated by appropriately trained aircraft technicians.

HPU Testing Videos


  • Length: 138 in. (3505mm)
  • Width: 70.5 in. (1791mm)
  • Height: 65.5 in. (1663mm)
  • Dry weight: 6,000lbs/2,7216kg

  • Max Flow Rate: 60 GPM (227 LPM)
  • Fluid Type: Phosphate Ester
  • Max Pressure: 4,000 PSI (275 BAR)
  • Pressure Hose: -16 (1")
  • Return Hose: -24 (1.5")

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