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IDI EO-20/20 Mini-Mule, 3.4 GPM

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Legacy AERO Product ID: IDI EO-20/20

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The EO-20/20 air-powered hydraulic mini-mule is a compact pump with a lot of kick. You can use it around the hangar or out on the field to run flaps, swing the gear, and any other hydraulic functions. The EO-20/20 comes in MIL-H-5606. Runs on shop air, connects to aircraft quick-disconnects and runs in-line. Aircraft hydraulic couplers and optional 5 gallon reservoir are available separately.

  • Maximum pressure: 2,000 psi
  • Maximum flow: 3.4 GPM
  • Ratio: 20:1
  • Required inlet pressure: 80-125 PSI at 20-25 CFM

NOTE: Additional photos show optional 5-gallon reservoir. Hoses not included.

  • Compact size (14" long x 9" wide x 14" high)
  • Light weight: 28 lbs. complete
  • Powered by compressed air; no electrical required
  • No inlet air valve, air regulator, or air lubricator required
  • Totally sparkless operation
  • Polymeric seals for long life and high efficiency
  • Oil accumulator to decrease pusation through system
  • Integral subplate-mounted air regulator
  • Up to 3.2 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow
  • 2,000 psi of working pressure

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Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 14" (35.56cm x 22.86cm x 35.56cm)

Weight: 28 lbs. (12.7 kg.)

Fluid Types:


Optional 5-Gallon Reservoir:

5-gallon, anodized aluminum reservoir option for IDI mini-mule. Bolts onto unit for servicing aircraft. (For bench testing only)

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