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Created for the busiest and most demanding customers, the LC270-RJ3 series units are the most durable and robust carts available on the market. A heavy-duty galvanized frame completely wraps the unit, protecting it from potential damage. The cabinet is constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum with a grip-strut work deck. The waste hose sits in a special drip-tray that allows any spillover to be flushed through the integrated drip-tray drain. All tanks and compartments are completely winterized and totally enclosed in high-density foam insulation with onboard heaters to keep the unit ramp ready in the most extreme climates (fluids and storage compartments).

As stand-alone units bolted into a trailer, the Gasoline LC270-RJ3G is the industry’s only “convertible” lav cart: it can be inserted into a 3/4-ton pickup truck to change the carts from towable to drivable (see the LC270-Insert, pictured below). The 46-inch (116.8cm) deck height (made of grip-strut and diamond-plate steel) is low enough for servicing regional jets but provides plenty of height for servicing larger jets. The RJ-Series carts set the standard for quality in aircraft ground support equipment.

The LC270-RJ3 Lavatory Service Cart utilizes AERO’s popular, stand-alone LC270-Insert tank system. The 100-gallon (378.5 liter) fill/flush tank holds an immersion heater for insurance against frozen blue lav fluid, and the 170-gallon (643.5 liter) waste tank features easy access for flushing, with FDA-approved, pump-less gravity drain and closed waste valve. The pump, waste valve, flow meter, and fill hose sit in the insulated and heated, split-lid rear compartment. A stow nipple holds the waste coupler and hose out of the way when not in use, and the 12-foot (3.66m) waste hose sits in a special drip-tray that contains any spillover until it can be flushed back into the waste tank through the integrated drip-tray drain.

The LC270-RJ3 – like all of AERO Specialties’ lav and water carts – comes complete with all required hoses, couplers, and fittings. The waste valve can be configured to meet any operation’s dumping requirements.

Compares to Tronair 204 Gallon Lavatory Service Cart/Unit, part numbers 10-6401-0010, 10-6411-0000.

  • LC270-RJ3G: Honda GX160 electric start engine mated to Teel centrifugal pump with 20 gal/min (75.7 L/min) capacity at 29 psi max
  • Rotationally-molded polyethylene tanks
  • 8,000 lb (3,628.7 kg) capacity galvanized steel chassis with heavy-duty running gear
  • 170 gal waste, 100 gal fill/flush tanks (643.5 L waste, 378.5 L fill/flush)
  • 12' (3.7 m) waste hose with straight 4" (10.1 cm) GA coupler
  • 10' (3.1 m) sealed cart dump hose
  • 12' (3.7 m) fill hose with fill coupler and plug included
  • Low-profile 39" (99.1 cm) waste inlet height
  • Fill water drain-back and sealed waste hose storage
  • Winterization kit, with insulated aluminum case and component compartments
  • Gravity dump; no waste pump required
  • Grip-strut galvanized steel working deck
  • Digital flow meter
  • FDA-approved; CE-certified and marked

L: 136" x W: 66" x H: 44" (L: 345 cm x W: 168 cm x H: 112 cm); 1,460 lbs (662 kg)

Option AERO Product ID
Safe-Lav Retrofit Kit 2011074
Solar Charger Kit and Panel 2000955
Personal Protective Gear Package 2000961
Breakaway Coupler 2001117
Wye (Y) Waste Coupler 2000958
Alternate Waste Hose 7' (2.1 m) 2000729
Alternate Waste Hose 10' (3.1 m) 2001359
Alternate Waste Hose 15' (4.6 m) 2001360
Back-up Hand Pump 2009797
Corner Bumper Kit 2006324
Lav Treatment Fluid (Blue), gal 2004950
Lav Treatment Fluid (Clear), gal 2004952
Lav Treatment Powder (Blue), tube 2001505
LearJet, HondaJet Lavatory Adapters and Stow Bracket Kit 2003054
Chock Box, Wheel Chocks, Cable, and Ferrules Kit 2022621
Safety Disconnect Towbar Cover 2008735
Step Ladder 2021953
Access Ladder 2022078
Waste valve configuration options:
  1. Standard outlet with dump hose
  2. 90˚ downturn (downturn elbow w/safety cap)
  3. Closed waste assembly

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