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The LC270E-Insert is a self-contained lavatory servicing unit that bolts into a long-bed 3/4-ton pickup truck and utilizes an electric motor to pump fluids. The rotationally molded polyethylene waste and fill tanks are housed in an insulated, corrosion-proof aluminum compartment with a grip-strut top deck that provides a safe and stable platform for easily reaching the lav port on the largest aircraft. The heated split-lid rear compartment holds the pump, waste valve, and fill hose. The LC270-Insert is another example of AERO Specialties’ high quality and user-friendly ground support equipment products.

Why buy an insert?

While complete lav and water service truck systems are common, AERO Specialties offers customers a much-appreciated alternative: potable water and lavatory service inserts that mount on the customer’s vehicle.

These systems allow for great flexibility; since the insert ships by itself and installs on a customer-supplied truck, freight costs are drastically lower. Additionally, the units can later be separated from the truck and mounted on a cart or other fleet vehicle.
Installation is simple and takes most customers only a few hours; the cart bolts to the truck bed and wires to the truck battery with the included wiring harness. Inserts are also available as stand-alone units with a dedicated battery. If needed, AERO can provide the truck or install the insert on a customer-supplied vehicle (with nominal installation charge).

Aircraft handlers worldwide appreciate the adaptability of AERO’s insert system and have many of these units in operation globally.

Compares to Tronair 204 Gallon Lavatory Service Cart/Unit, part numbers 10-6401-0010, 10-6411-0000.

  • LC270E-Insert: 12V electric pump system; 12 gal/min (45.5 L/min) at 50 psi max
  • 170 gal waste; 100 gal fill/flush tanks (643.5 L waste, 378.5 L fill/flush)
  • 12' (3.7 m) waste hose with straight
  • 4" (10.1 cm) GA coupler
  • 10' (3.1 m) sealed dump hose
  • 12' (3.7 m) fill hose with fill coupler and plug
  • Fill water drain-back and sealed waste hose storage
  • Gravity waste dump; requires no waste pump
  • Digital flow meter
  • Winterization kit, with insulated aluminum case and component compartments
  • Forklift pockets
  • FDA-approved; CE-certified and marked

L: 96" x W: 51" x H: 55" (L: 244 cm x W: 130 cm x H: 140 cm); 825 lbs (374 kg)

Option AERO Product ID
Safe-Lav Retrofit Kit 2011074
Solar Charger Kit and Panel 2000955
Personal Protective Gear Package 2000961
Breakaway Coupler 2001117
Wye (Y) Waste Coupler 2000958
Alternate Waste Hose 7' (2.1 m) 2000729
Alternate Waste Hose 10' (3.1 m) 2001359
Alternate Waste Hose 15' (4.6 m) 2001360
Back-up Hand Pump 2009797
Corner Bumper Kit 2006324
Lav Treatment Fluid (Blue), gal 2004950
Lav Treatment Fluid (Clear), gal 2004952
Lav Treatment Powder (Blue), tube 2001505
LearJet, HondaJet Lavatory Adapters and Stow Bracket Kit 2003054
Chock Box, Wheel Chocks, Cable, and Ferrules Kit 2022621
Waste valve configuration options:
  1. Standard outlet with dump hose
  2. 90˚ downturn (downturn elbow w/safety cap)
  3. Closed waste assembly

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