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GPI Flow Meter Remote Kits

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This GPI Standard Remote Kit Assembly modifies GPI Electronic Digital Meters for applications in specialized situations including remote indication and high or low fluid temperature metering applications.

The Standard Remote Kit is designed for use with GPI turbine meters: A2, G2, and A1 Low Flow and 1-inch Models. The user has the flexibility of isolating the flow sensor from a panel-mounted digital indicator or a control device as well as safely and successfully measuring high- and low-temperature fluids. The Remote Kit Assembly can be added to an existing GPI meter or may be used with a GPI turbine to provide signal output to a non-GPI indicator or control system.

The Premium Remote Kit Assembly Option includes the Standard Remote Kit, plus a 100-feet length data transmission cable for situations when fluid calculations need to be registered from a greater distance.

There are 2 kit options:

  • Standard Kit (AERO Product ID: 2001856)
  • Premium Kit (AERO Product ID: 2001854)

Remote Kit options by AERO Product ID:

  • Standard Remote Kit - 2001856
    • Legacy AERO Product ID: 002807
  • Premium Remote Kit with 100' cable - 002805

  • Design Type: Remote
  • Voltage: 33-825 mV
  • Magnetic Pickup: 1.5 k Ohm, 700 mH, 5/8-18" thread
  • Frequency: 11-750 Hz
  • Signal Type: Sine wave
  • Cable: 2-conductor shielded, Belden #1266A or 8451
  • Cable Length: 10-feet
  • Transmission Distance: Up to 100 feet
  • Dustcover: Molded plastic with terminal block connection
  • Coverplate: Cast aluminum with brushed finish
  • Warranty: 1-year

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