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Our new “Safe-Lav™” LC180-RJ2E-SL Lavatory Service Cart features a patent pending 3-gallon batching system to eliminate inadvertent overfilling of aircraft lav system. Ideally sized for corporate aircraft lavatory systems, this unit eliminates costly operator and meter failures. This cart features a low profile design with 28 inch inlet and 9 inch gravity waste outlet and is ideal for servicing corporate and regional aircraft.

Designed for Major and Regional airlines and busy FBOs, the LC180-RJ2 is the “Medium” in AERO’s Small-Medium-Large “RJ-Series” lav carts. Like the RJ and RJ3 Series, the RJ2 Series carts are built to exceed commercial airlines’ rigorous standards for ramp equipment durability. The RJ-Series carts set the standard for quality in aircraft ground support equipment. The low-profile deck height is low enough for servicing business and regional jets but provides plenty of height for servicing larger jets.

The LC180-RJ2E-SL “Safe-Lav” Lavatory Service Cart utilizes AERO’s popular, stand-alone tank system. The 70-gallon (265 liter) fill/flush tank holds an immersion heater for insurance against frozen blue lav fluid, and the 110-gallon (416.4 liter) waste tank features easy access for flushing, with FDA-approved, pump-less gravity drain and closed waste valve. The revolutionary 3-gallon batching system prevents potentially costly & dangerous overfills. The pump, waste valve, flow meter, and fill hose sit in the insulated and heated rear compartment. A stow nipple holds the waste coupler and hose out of the way when not in use.

The LC180-RJ2 – like all of AERO Specialties’ lav and water carts – comes complete with all required hoses, couplers, and fittings. The waste valve can be configured to meet any operation’s dumping requirements.

Compares to: Tronair 204 Gallon Lavatory Service Cart/Unit, part numbers 10-6401-0010, 10-6411-0000.

NSN: 4510-01-619-1377.

Note: Photos show unit with optional wheel chock holder & stow bracket for Lear & HondaJet lavatory adapter kits

Tank Details:

  • 110 gallon waste tank
  • 70 gallon fill-flush tank
  • 3 gallon batch tank
  • Tanks constructed of corrosion proof rotationally molded polyethylene


  • (2ea) 12V electric pumps
  • Batch tank fills at 3GPM
  • Batch aircraft delivery fills at 7GPM
  • Onboard 12VDC battery and charging system.


  • Rust free, winterized fill tanks
  • Insulated aluminum enclosure mounted on a heavy-duty galvanized chassis with 5th-wheel steering
  • 5.70x8 tires
  • Standard waste assembly includes horizontal dump with adapter and 10 foot hose
  • Cart Includes all hoses & couplers required to service aircraft

Unit Dimensions:

  • Length: 115" (292 cm)
  • Width: 64" (163 cm)
  • Height: 41" (104 cm)
  • Weight: 1,240 lbs (564 kg)

Crated Dimensions:

  • Length: 115" (292 cm)
  • Width: 68" (173 cm)
  • Height: 51" (130 cm)
  • Weight: 1,605 lbs (788 kg)

Optional waste valve configurations:

  • 90-degree downturn (downturn elbow with safety cap - no charge)
  • Closed waste kit (add $490)

Other Options:

  • Solar charging kit
  • CE-mark: European charger and wiring kit
  • Y-coupler
  • Digital flow meter
  • Wheel chock holder
  • Stow bracket kit for Lear & HondaJet lavatory adapter kits

  • 12V DC electric pump (7 gpm @ 60 psi) with on-board battery & 110-volt/60Hz AC charging system (220-volt/50Hz charger available)
  • Rotationally molded polyethylene 110-gallon (416.4 liter) waste & 70-gallon (265 liter) fill/flush tanks
  • 3-gallon (11.4 liter) rotationally molded backlit polyethylene batch fill tank
  • Insulated aluminum case and component compartments
  • 8,000 lb. (3,628.7 kg.) galvanized steel chassis with heavy-duty running gear
  • Low-profile 28" (55.9 cm) waste inlet height
  • Gravity dump - no waste pump required
  • Manual flow meter
  • 12' (3.66m) waste & 15' (4.57m) fill hoses
  • GA coupler
  • Winterization kit

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