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AERO RJ2/3 “Safe-Lav” Lavatory Service Cart Conversion Kit

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AERO’s patented “Safe-Lav” system utilizes a dedicated batching tank to determine and restrict the maximum quantity of fluid that can be delivered to the aircraft lavatory system. Our direct-reading tank & delivery system is unaffected by inaccurate or broken flow meters (which are the leading cause of messy lav system overfills). The RJ2/3 model “Safe-Lav” conversion kit can be added to any existing AERO Specialties RJ2 or RJ3 series lavatory service cart. This model can be retrofitted to the following carts:

  • AERO Product ID 2001010: LC180-RJ2E
  • AERO Product ID 2001011: LC180-RJ2G
  • AERO Product ID 2001016: LC270-RJ3E
  • AERO Product ID 2001017: LC270-RJ3G
  • AERO Product ID 2001018: LC270E-Insert
  • AERO Product ID 2001019: LC270G-Insert
  • AERO Product ID 2002189: LC270E-LST Lavatory Service Truck

A single overfill can cost thousands of dollars in aircraft damage – not to mention aircraft downtime and the loss of a good customer. Protect your good name – install AERO’s “Safe-Lav” system on all your lav servicing equipment!

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