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Red Box RBI9000TM Aircraft Mechanic Tool Case (129 Tools) (Damaged Unit) (Metric)

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This item is no longer available.

This tool case is being offered at a discount after suffering minor shipping damage (pictured). It is missing one cotter pin punch (Part Number: 3658A-2). Sold AS-IS with no refunds.

A selection of 129 BAHCO tools fitted into a steel tool case. The case has 3 draws, 1 lid tray, and a selection of lid clips. The top is covered with corrugated sheet metal to enable the case to be used as a step stool. The tools are embedded into two-colour, Skydrol resistant foam, offering a heightened level of tool control.

This tool set is ideal for aircraft & helicopter mechanics, GSE (ground support equipment) mechanics, automotive mechanics, and engineers.

Length: 20.6" (523 mm)

Width: 10.1" (257 mm)

Height: 11.8" (300 mm)

Weight: 59.5 lbs. (27 kg)

Case Lid

BAHCO Part NumberEANDescription
481-5007311518005078GERMAN DIN-HAMMER
3625N-327314151073640PLASTIC HAMMER
25097314151064280FLEX. PICK UP

Layer 1

BAHCO Part NumberEANDescription
6Z-7/8-15/167314151832650OPEN END WRENCH
6Z-1-1.1/87314151832674OPEN END WRENCH
6Z-1.1/16-1.1/47314151832681OPEN END WRENCH
6950SL7314150197668RATCHET 1/4
69567314151089825NUT DRIVER
69587314151089849BREAKER BAR
69667314151089986UNIVERSAL JOINT
7750SL7314150197675RATCHET 3/8
77667314151096694UNIVERSAL JOINT
6972H7314151215934POWER SOCKET HOLDER 1/4
7407H7314151218249POWER SOCKET HOLDER 3/8
8164-1/27314151105266ADAPTORF 3/8" - M 1/2"
8165-1/27314151105273ADAPTORF 1/2" - M 3/8"
A6700DZ-7/327314151751296SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6700DZ-1/47314151751371SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6700DZ-9/327314151751456SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6700DZ-5/167314151751531SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6700DZ-11/327314151819842SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6700DZ-3/87314151751616SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6700DZ-7/167314151819859SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6700DZ-1/27314151751883SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6800DZ-7/327314151758110SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6800DZ-1/47314151758387SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6800DZ-9/327314151758462SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6800DZ-5/167314151758547SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A7400DM-107314151819972SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7400DM-137314151820008SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7400DZ-1/27314151759780SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7400DZ-9/167314151759865SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7400DZ-5/87314151819880SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7400DZ-11/167314151819897SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7400DZ-3/47314151819903SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7402DZ-3/87314151760366SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7402DZ-7/167314151760441SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7402DZ-1/27314151760526SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
A7402DZ-9/167314151760793SOCKET 3/8, AEROSPACE
7800DZ-13/167314151097523SOCKET 1/2
7800DZ-7/87314151097530SOCKET 1/2
7800DZ-17314151097561SOCKET 1/2
59/S28-47314151847173LH BIT SET
A6710DZ-5/167314151757496SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6710DZ-3/87314151757656SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
A6710DZ-7/167314151757731SOCKET 1/4, AEROSPACE
1320RZ-1/4-5/167314153014566RATCHET WRENCH DOUBLE FLAT
1320RZ-3/8-7/167314153014573RATCHET WRENCH DOUBLE FLAT

Layer 2

BAHCO Part NumberEANDescription
2047-1.2-87314151060480SCREWDR OFFSET 2047 1,2X8X150
2047PR-1-27314151060558SCREWDR OFFSET 2047 PH 1-2
BE-8020L7314151838591SCREW.DR ERGO 0,5X3X75
BE-81557314150010721SCREW.DR ERGO 1,2X6,5X125
BE-82607314150047796SCREW.DR ERGO 1,2X8,0X175
BE-86117311518292317SCREW.DR ERGO PH1X75
BE-86217311518292324SCREW.DR ERGO PH2X100
BE-86017314151838706SCREW.DR ERGO PH1X25
9715-14-2507314153010148SCR.DR.2,5X14X250 BLADE THROUG
5515T-52 7314153021939TELESCOPE MIRROR
1177-SCRIBE7314150120550OFFSET SCRIBER 230 MM
BE-35297314151847845O-RING LEVER
1150-1/2-H/P7314150129263CALIPER 150 MM

Layer 3

BAHCO Part NumberEANDescription
FF3A03E7314150228355Foam Plier Empty
2101GC-160IP7314150106561SIDE CUTTER 2101GC-160
2855 D7314151822569TWISTING PLIER 2855 D-250
8224CIP7314150103607SLIP JOINT PLIER 8224CIP
MTB-3-16-E73141501191343M TAPE MEASURE 16MM ENGLISH
3658A-27314151075293COTTER PIN PUNCH
3658A-37314151075309COTTER PIN PUNCH
3658A-57314151075323COTTER PIN PUNCH
04548005 ALU DRIFT
62168202 TORCH
04313011 WHEEL GAUGE
FF3A04E7314150228379Foam Wrenches Empty

Layer 4

BAHCO Part NumberEANDescription
8158-1/2 BREAKER BAR 380mm
1300Z-1/4-5/167314153000965DOUBLE ENDED BOX WRENCH
1300Z-3/8-7/167314151039981RING WRENCH
1300Z-1/2-9/167314151039998RING WRENCH
1300Z-19/32-11/167314151040000RING WRENCH
1300Z-5/8-3/47314151040017RING WRENCH
1300Z-25/32-13/167314153000972DOUBLE ENDED BOX WRENCH
1300Z-7/8-15/167314153005649DOUBLE ENDED BOX WRENCH
1931Z-7/327314151049690OPEN END WRENCH
1931Z-1/47314151049713OPEN END WRENCH
6Z-1/4-5/167314151832520OPEN END WRENCH
6Z-3/8-7/167314151832544OPEN END WRENCH
6Z-1/2-9/167314151832568OPEN END WRENCH
6Z-19/32-11/167314151832582OPEN END WRENCH
6Z-5/8-3/47314151832605OPEN END WRENCH
6Z-25/32-13/167314151832636OPEN END WRENCH
9070C7314150100187ADJUSTABLE WRENCH 9070 C 6"
XID1618A  WRENCH BOX, 1/4"-7/32", 12-POINT
XID1415A  WRENCH, BOX, 10° OFFSET, 7/32"-15/64", 12-POINT
DS2018A OPEN END WRENCH 5/16"-9/32"

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