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Aircraft Windshield Maintenance Platform Stand, 10-19′

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This windshield maintenance stand services aircraft windshields from a height of 10 to 19 feet (3.05 to 5.8 meters). This towable stand features an integrated towbar, side stabilizers, heavy-duty locking running gear, and a hydraulic pump to easily raise and lower the stand.

The platform features “fingers” that can be moved individually to wrap around the aircraft fuselage, allowing for a safe and tight fit when servicing aircraft windshields. The upper platform features safety railings and rubber bumpers to prevent damage to the aircraft.

  • Towable stand with integrated towbar
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Side stabilizers prevent movement while stand is in use
  • Hydraulic pump allows for safe and easy raising and lowering of the stand
  • Upper platform "fingers" are movable to conform to the shape of the windshield/fuselage
  • Safety railings on stairs and platform
  • Rubber bumpers prevent aircraft damage

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