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Air Start Straight Coupler, Interchangeable Body

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This Jet Air Start Straight Aircraft Coupler with a dual handle quickly connects to and disconnects from an aircraft.  The self-locking design provides for visual positive engagement with the aircraft nipple.


  • Red markers appear when not connected correctly
  • Integrated non return valve
  • Stainless ball locking system
  • Elastomer protection
  • Lightweight, interchangeable aluminum body
  • Protective stainless steel screen (optional)

Less pressure drop through the coupler:

  • At 180 ppm the pressure drop on this coupler is 1 PSI less than a Kaiser coupler (the shown screen is optional).

Full-proof aircraft engagement:

  • A red band is displayed around the coupler when it is not properly engaged to the aircraft. No operations training required!

Integrated non-return valve:

  • Prevents jet starter hose/scuff cover whiplash during coupler removal.

Locking system:

  • 8-quick coupler balls securely engage the aircraft nipple to maintain a positive ASU-aircraft connection.

Elastomer protection:

  • Prevents damage from occuring when the coupler comes into contact with ground and is hauled across the ramp.


  • Constructed of aluminum, the body is lightweight and components are interchangeable.

Protective Stainless Steel Screen

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 12 in
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