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Feather-Lite Low Pressure Type 4 Deice Fluid Nozzle, 1-Inch NPSH, 6-14 GPM

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This item is no longer available

1-Inch NPSH Wildfire Cordova Feather-Lite Low Pressure 6-14 GPM Type 4 (Type IV) Aircraft Deice Fluid Nozzle

Note: for a complete aircraft deicing gun assembly, this interchangeable nozzle requires a handle to operate. Price is for the nozzle only.

Provides a continuously adjustable water stream from shut-off to straight stream to full fog pattern. All nozzles can be delivered with foam bumper or will accept the Guardian™ foam adaptor and tubes (low or medium expansion). The Feather- Lite™ base, threads and body are hard anodized for increased longevity. GPM flow rates are stamped on each nozzle. Nozzles weigh 10 oz (284 g) or less.

MPN: 1-0614-102

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