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HIHP-20775 Cylinder-Mounted Oxygen Booster

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The cylinder mount gas booster package is designed to boost directly from oxygen cylinder gas supply to outlet pressures up to 3,450 PSI. Mounting is for all suitable industrial gas charging cylinders.

The basic booster is an automatically reciprocating, single acting, single air drive configuration. The unit ensures full 2,200-3,450 psi fills even if the oxygen storage cylinders drop as low as 300-psi.

The cylinder mount gas booster package is operated with a low pressure conventional air compressor or manually with its integral hand pump option. The high-pressure section is cooled by the drive exhaust and operates dry, non-lubricated. In the shop air drive mode, non-contaminated outlet gas is assured because of complete dual vented separation from the drive section.

PN: HIHP-20648 is available without the hand pump option.

Controls Included:

  • Air or manually driven gas booster model 3G-SS-20-O
  • Low pressure air controls (filter, regulator, gauge and on/off valve)
  • Oxygen gas outlet : ¼” ID x 48” long, 5,000 PSI, S.S. braided hose assembly with high pressure filter, on/off valve, gauges and DIN connector with bleeder
  • Oxygen gas inlet: 1/4” ID x 48” long, 5,000 PSI, S.S. braided
  • hose assembly with CGA gas cylinder connector
  • Oxygen gas outlet port: 1/4” NPTF
  • Fits all industrial gas cylinders

15” H x 8” D x 6” W (38.1 x 20.3 x 15.2 cm)

Weight: 25 lbs. (11.3 kg.)

Optional Controls:

  • High pressure pilot cutoff valve adjustable (1,000-5,000 PSI) to automatically start/stop the booster when the outlet pressure exceeds set point
  • Outlet safety relief valve adjustable (1,000-5,000 PSI)

  • Max. outlet pressure: 3450-PSI
  • Air drive inlet port: ¼” NPTF
  • Gas inlet port: ¼” NPTF
  • Gas outlet port: ¼” NPTF
  • Actual volume per cycle: 0.6 cu-in

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