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Replacement 0.01-Micron Coalescing Filter Element Kit, OB-30 Oxygen Booster

$149.72 USD

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The MTP-96-646 Element Kit for the M18 Coalescing Drive Filter on OB-30 Oxygen Boosters separates liquid water and oil from compressed air or nitrogen prior to the gas driving the booster. Featuring a 0.01-micron Type-C filtration element, the MTP-96-646 is extremely efficient at removing water, oil aerosols and solid particulate contaminants down to 0.01-ppm/wt with minimum pressure drop. This is a light-weight element design that does not restrict the high-flow capacity of the M18 Coalescing Filter, yet separates out fine particulate matter that can “gum up” the OB-30 Oxygen Booster. The MTP-96-646 Type-C filter element kit exceeds ISO Class 1 for maximum particle size and concentration of solid contaminants, and exceeds Class 1 on maximum oil content (mg/m3).

Kit includes:

  • MTP-96-646 0.01-Micron Type-C Filter Element for M18 Coalescing Filter
  • Element O-Ring
  • M18 Bowl O-Ring

*NOTE: Manufacturer recommends the OB-30 M18 booster filter element be replaced on 12-month service intervals.

All oxygen servicing parts & equipment from AERO Specialties are delivered Oxygen Clean. Our technicians are specially trained to ensure that no combustible contaminates (such as oils, greases, dirt, fiber, etc.) are present on these oxygen-cleaned surfaces. Protect yourself and your equipment by ordering your oxygen servicing equipment from AERO. Beware: many of our competitors do not deliver their products to this standard. Failure to use oxygen-clean products in oxygen servicing can result in fires or explosions.

  • Coalescing Filter: M18 (M18-04-CH00)
  • Element: Type C
  • Standard filtration: 0.01-microns (mg/m3) (ppm/wt)
  • Flow capacity: 48 SCFM (22.6 dm3/s)
  • Maximum supply pressure: 250 PSIG (17.2 bar)
  • Operating temperature: -13° to 150°F (-25° to 65.5°C)
  • ISO Class 1: Exceeds maximum particle size and concentration of solid contaminants, and maximum oil content

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