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8-Inch PCA (Pre-Conditioned Air) Ducting, “UltraLyte”

$229.89 USD$584.36 USD

Prices shown are for products sold in USA only. For pricing in regions outside of USA, please request a quote.

This UltraLyte PCA layflat ducting revolutionizes PCA ducting design by combining super lightweight convenience with unsurpassed performance to tackle any and all rigors of the aviation industry can throw at it.

Reinforced seams are lockstitched with high strength polyester thread. The result? No unraveling. And three-ply fabric prevents wicking and will not degrade when exposed to Skydrol or other ramp chemicals, providing outstanding durability. It all adds up to longer service life, extensive cost savings and strong return on investment over the product lifecycle.

The Outer Layer

The high strength yellow ballistic nylon outer shell is urethane coated for much better abrasion resistance than any lightweight PCA ducting available today. The fabric is resistant to the usual degrading effects of Glycol Alcohol or Skydrol exposure. Additionally, the outer shell is UV stabilized for protection against harmful sun degradation.

The Insulation Layer

The middle layer is a patented polypropylene fabric that is metalized on one side for superb radiant heat insulation. Its unique construction allows the material to flex without cracking or flaking. The material is also designed to inhibit growth of fungi and bacteria.

The Inner Layer

The high strength inner liner consists of a tightly woven, rip-resistant, urethane-coated nylon material, which is designed to withstand the heavy wear associated with the airline industry.


PN’s: 2004829, 2004827, 2004887, 2004890, 2004888, 2004891, 2004889, 2004892

Options (Length/Machine Side/Aircraft Side):

  • 2004892 (Legacy AERO Product ID: 500576): 10'/Cuff/Velcro
  • 2004889 (Legacy AERO Product ID: 500469): 10'/Velcro/Velcro
  • 2004888 (Legacy AERO Product ID: 500468): 15'/Velcro/Velcro
  • 2004891 (Legacy AERO Product ID: 500471): 15'/Cuff/Velcro
  • 2004887 (Legacy AERO Product ID: 500467): 20'/Velcro/Velcro
  • 2004890 (Legacy AERO Product ID: 500470): 20'/Cuff/Velcro
  • 2004829 (Legacy AERO Product ID: 500392): 25'/Velcro/Velcro
  • 2004827 (Legacy AERO Product ID: 500390): 25'/Cuff/Velcro

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