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TLD ACU-401-CAP High Pressure Air Conditioning Unit

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The ACU-401-CAP is a self-contained, trailer mounted, Air Conditioning and Ventilating Unit designed for the Air Force to satisfy the requirements of many military fighter aircraft, such as F-15, F-16, F-18 and F-35 (JSF) as well as other applications requiring pre-conditioned air from 3 to 5.5 psig. The 33-ton ACU-401-CAP can be powered by either its own diesel engine generator set or can be connected to utility power for operation. A vertical screw compressor that features a sliding valve for step-less linear capacity control provides the cooling. The ACU-401-CAP has many features providing extreme flexibility in operation and satisfying aircraft requirements throughout a wide range of ambient extremes. The ACU-401-CAP is a high performance machine.


  • High pressure Air Conditioning and Ventilating Unit
  • Optimized performance by means of a pre-cooling water coil that uses the evaporators’ condensate as the cooling medium
  • Stainless steel evaporator coil box and coil casings guarantee long life
  • Incorporates a rugged screw compressor and uses environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
  • Hose storage bin
  • (2) 8” outlets
  • Individual duct air flow and supplied air pressure indication
  • C-130 air transportable
  • Running gear meets mil-spec for field mobility
  • Thermostatically controlled reheat independently controlled from the evaporator coil

Protective Circuits:

  • Electric power quality monitor
  • Low compressor suction pressure
  • High compressor discharge pressure
  • High compressor discharge temperature
  • Compressor motor thermal overload
  • Compressor low oil level
  • Standard diesel engine protections

Dimensions: 224" L x 86" W x 81" H (569 x 219 x 206 cm)

Weight: 11,620 lbs. (5,270 kg)

  • Warning beacon, steady or rotating, red or amber
  • Low fuel shutdown with warning
  • Cold Weather Starting Aids

  • Nominal Capacity: 33 Tons
  • Compressor Manufacturer: Hartford Compressors
  • Compressor Type & Model: Hermetic Vertical Screw 1111NHL
  • Compressor Horsepower: 75 bhp
  • Capacity Control: Infinite stages, 20% Minimum
  • Blower: Sunstrand B-3230-E800H
  • Blower flow rate (@ 5 psig): 100 lb/min @ 5 psig
  • Blower Maximum Pressure: 6.4 psig
  • Blower Maximum Flow: 125 lb/min
  • Genset Manufacturer: Caterpillar

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