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Aerotech Herman Nelson BT400-NEX-D Portable Diesel Heater

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The BT400-NEX-D indirect fired portable heater is a completely welded stainless steel heat exchanger that exhausts all combustion gases up the through the chimney. The diesel engine driven fan moves air around the heat exchanger to create 100% breathable warm air that can be ducted. The heater is certified for both indoor and outdoor use. The heater can operate outside in extreme temperatures, with breathable warm air ducted to a the aircraft cabin or engine compartment. The heater can also operate free standing inside a building and the exhaust fumes vented up a chimney to the outside of the building. This creates a 400,000BTU portable furnace. With the optional electric driven fan kit, noise levels are kept to a minimum and fuel consumption is minimized.

A Kubota OC60 Tier4 electric start diesel engine drives the fan, fuel pump and alternator. The engine is equipment with electric start and extreme cold weather starting features. It is recommended that kerosene or jet fuels be used at temperatures below -20°F.

The heater is certified by O-TL to CSA and UL to operate in extreme Cold Weather conditions down to -40°F/C with a heat rise of 290°F. If the ambient temperature is at -40 degrees F, the heat at the outlet will still be 250°F. The Herman Nelson heater is used by both the US and Canadian militaries and most major airlines around the world. Built in Canada, to withstand the brutal Canadian Winters. This heater has been in continuous production with ongoing technological improvements since 1973. In 2010 the Original Herman Nelson was upgraded to full electronic controls and electronic valves, making it easier to operate and more economical to maintain.

The Aerotech Herman Nelson BT400-NEX-D heater comes standard with a two wheel flat-bed trailer. Built from 12 gauge C channel construction, completely surrounding and protecting the fuel cell.

  • Electric starter
  • 35-gallon integrated steel fuel cell that feeds both the diesel engine and furnace. The heater can also operate from a remote fuel cell with the optional remote fuel cell kit.
  • One 12" duct that can be expanded to three 6" ducts
  • One handle - dual manual brake
  • Fully adjustable tow bar that serves as a support when the trailer is at rest

  • 12 month heater and parts warranty.
  • 24 month engine warranty as per Yanmar engine policy.

Unit dimensions: 68.5" L x 57.5" W x 44" H (174 x 147 x 112 cm)

  • Shipping dimensions: Shipping Dims: 72" L x 56" W x 50" H (183 x 143 x 127 cm)

Dry weight: 716 lbs. (325 kg)

  • Shipping weight: 880 lbs (400 kg)

  • 400,000 BTU/HR of clean uncontaminated air
  • 2,100 CFM
  • Kubota OC60 Tier4 electric start diesel engine
  • Fuel types: diesel, kerosene and jet fuels
  • 83% efficient
  • 250°F degree outlet temp
  • 6.9" X 9" tire size
  • Towable at speeds up to 20 mph (32 kph)
  • Includes: (2) 12"x15' treated canvas hoses, (3) 6"x15' hoses, and (1) ISPM export crate

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Weight 880 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 56 × 50 in
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