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SiPsHitch™ Linear Force Monitoring System

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Rear Assembly


The SiPsHitch™ Linear Force Monitoring System is a revolutionary aviation safety product that can be added to aircraft pushback tugs and tow tractors to alert operators to potential overstress situations. As a part of AERO’s line of Aviation Safety Equipment, the patented SiPsHitch™ system can prevent costly damage to aircraft, tugs, and other equipment.

Remove the human factor

Distractions, unfamiliarity with aircraft type and lack of proper training are just a few things that can lead to expensive aircraft towing incidents. Our patented SiPsHitch™ Linear force monitoring system will alert operators to potential overstress situations BEFORE they cause nose gear damage. SiPsHitch™ affords never-before-seen levels of protection in your aircraft towbar push-pull operations.

CYA all the way

SiPsHitch™ offers protection from obvious catastrophic failures, as well as the ability to record the invisible stresses that can lead to problems later. How do you know if you’ve overstressed the nose gear during the last tow? If the shear pin broke, can you say with certainty that the aircraft was not damaged? Can you prove it? SiPsHitch™ eliminates the uncertainty by recording all forces applied to the nose gear, protecting both pilots and service providers.

Tow like a pro

SiPsHitch also makes a great training assistant for new tractor operators. By instantly seeing what the limitations are as they happen, operators will intuitively learn how to tow the aircraft safely and smoothly. If the operator applies excessive force, SiPsHitch™ will sound the alarm before damage is caused and ask for a supervisor override before the tow is allowed to continue. You may end up with the safest tow team on the planet.

Don’t be a target

When you have the ‘SiPsHitch™ Equipped’ placard on your tractors, customers and insurance companies will recognize that you’ve gone the extra mile to insure the safety of the aircraft. With SiPsHitch™ on board, you have a leg-up on your competition. Affordable and easily installed, SiPsHitch™ will fit all existing towbar style tractors. Why wait for disaster, eliminate it with SiPsHitch™!

The right tool for the job

Newer tractors are incredibly powerful and can easily exceed nose gear force limitations. With the SiPsHitch™ system installed you can confidently use a larger tractor for lighter aircraft towing duties. Aircraft are damaged constantly by attempted tows with wheel chocks in place or with the aircraft brakes set. SiPsHitch™ makes incidents like this a thing of the past by alerting the operator before damage is done. Towing an aircraft over soft ground or carrying out a recovery operation? If you attempt this without SiPsHitch™, you might end up making things worse by damaging the gear.

Add to new or existing tugs

The SiPsHitch™ system can be added to new or existing tugs. Add the monitoring system between your tug and hitch, and use the onboard screen to control the system and view realtime data.

The SiPsHitch™ Linear Force Monitoring System is protected under US patent no. 10,166,826.

  • Models available for multiple towing capacities, voltages, and hitch position (front/rear)
  • Our patented system prevents costly ramp accidents by alerting operators to potential overstress situations
  • Interactive software allows operators to view detailed towing data and configure towing based on aircraft model
  • Fits between tractor and existing tow hitch for easy installation
  • Package includes one tractor/hitch loadcell single adapter, one certified loadcell, weatherproof LCD display, control box, cabling, data capture software, instructions and mounting hardware (installation and hitch not included).

(AERO Product ID: Tow Capacity [Drawbar Pull], Tractor Voltage, Front/Rear Assembly)

  • AERO Product ID 2013328: 18K DBP, 12V, Front
  • AERO Product ID 2014269: 18K DBP, 24V, Front
  • AERO Product ID 2014270: 18K DBP, 12V, Rear
  • AERO Product ID 2014271: 18K DBP, 24V, Rear
  • AERO Product ID 2014272: 50K DBP, 12V, Front
  • AERO Product ID 2014273: 50K DBP, 24V, Front
  • AERO Product ID 2014274: 50K DBP, 12V, Rear
  • AERO Product ID 2014275: 50K DBP, 24V, Rear
  • AERO Product ID 2014276: 125K DBP, 12V, Front
  • AERO Product ID 2014277: 125K DBP, 24V, Front
  • AERO Product ID 2014278: 125K DBP, 12V, Rear
  • AERO Product ID 2014279: 125K DBP, 24V, Rear

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