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AERO Airbus A300/A310, Boeing B727/B707 Towbar Head

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The AERO A300/A310/B727/B707 towbar head is fabricated to withstand the forces of pushback and towing operations when attached to the nose gear of a Boeing 727, 707, KC-135, E-3 Sentry AWACS, or Airbus A300/A310. Designed specifically for use with the AERO narrow body multi-head towbar.

Our narrow body multi-head aircraft towbar:

  • Handles interchangeable narrow body aircraft heads up to the 757 weight class
  • 8″ x 15′ (20.32cm x 4.57m) aluminum tube
  • Hydraulic retractable running gear
  • Durable powder coated paint
  • 350 lbs. (158.76 kg.) with head

Compares to Tronair A300/A310/B727 custom and multi-head towbars, part numbers 01-1225-0010, 01-1321-0000, 01-1322-0000, 01-1247-0000, 01-0705-0001, 01-0713-0000.

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