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Like many businesses in aviation, 2020 has been a wild ride for AERO Specialties. As a company that provides advanced Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to general aviation, FBO, MRO, commercial airlines, and government applications, AERO has not been hit quite as hard as other GSE providers. However, this year has certainly left its mark. Like many, AERO Specialties had to make difficult choices for the sake of longevity, but there are certain areas critical to forward progress and innovation that could not be compromised: innovation, quality, and service.

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Since the early 2000’s, large-scale investors and private equity firms have seen value and opportunity in Aerospace. For the first time in history, private entities are breaking the mold in space exploration and unmanned technologies. Products and services have been made available to the consumer market that were previously only accessible to government agencies. In the past 5 years, the FBO and MRO markets have seen considerable consolidation, investment, and growth at record levels. Advances in aviation, such as the new push for supersonic travel in both commercial and private applications have pushed the envelope of what will be asked of FBO and MRO operations. This challenge means more opportunity for GSE companies willing to meet it. Embracing this challenge head on, AERO Specialties used 2020 as an opportunity to double down on their commitment to new technologies and surpass industry standards to deliver their customers state of the art equipment.

As revolutionary technologies converge on traditional private aviation, the scope of work for FBOs and MROs is growing. While daunting, AERO Specialties’ is uniquely equipped to help their partners meet that challenge with more intuitive, safer, and easier to maintain solutions than any other OEM on the market. By working with industry partners early in the design phase, AERO Specialties is actively developing support equipment that meets the demands of future aviation and ground handling expectations. Solutions such as their patented SafeLav system which makes overfilling lavatory systems nearly impossible, and the new JetGo 900 which provides the flattest voltage and coolest engine starts for the most demanding 28V DC Aircraft, and unique handling solutions for advanced aircraft that has not yet reached the market. These systems provide the service demanded by new aircraft within a user interface that is easier than ever for the ground operator. Even the basics such as towbars that feature proprietary stainless-steel engagements and a thicker powder coating, ensuring AERO towbars stand up to weather and decades of hard work. Such developments provide advantages in service differentiation and scalability to their customer base and key partners such as Million Air are taking full advantage of these product developments. Few operations better embody the convergence of private investment, and service through advanced GSE offered by AERO, than that of the new Million Air El Paso facility, opening in early 2021.

In 1984, the Million Air brand launched a new kind of luxury FBO experience that would set a new standard. Million Air is an award-winning network of luxury executive FBO terminals, spanning three continents. Celebrating its 36th anniversary, Million Air has been named Best Large FBO Chain for the past nine years delivering genuine care and exceptional service to aircraft owners, pilots, and their distinguished guests. The new El Paso location is the 5th Million Air in Texas and 32nd location for the network. Franklin Mountain Aviation will become part of Million Air with their new world-class facility in El Paso Texas and they spared no expense on safety and passenger comfort for their equipment. The GSE package supplied by AERO Specialties features a full suite of equipment and some unique technology that will give them a serious wow factor. For example, the TLD JST baggage and cargo tractor with a solid forged-steel body for exceptional durability. The revolutionary TLD TMX-50 pushback with 4-wheel steering, IATA compliant seating for the driver and wing-walker, and superior smooth pushbacks from its hydrostatic transmission. The JetGo 900 28VDC diesel GPUs which will serve the full range of 28V aircraft, from Phenoms to SAABs – all without the normal voltage drop or engine bogging (which is incredible if you don’t already know). And most impressive is their new TLD ABS-580 Executive stair truck which features red carpet, wood hand rails, and nearly four-times the capacity of the leading truck mounted stairs for un matched passenger confidence and the making of a first impression that will be impossible to beat.

The team at Million Air has proven they are serious about addressing the growing demands placed on fixed base operations, now and in the future. They are once again setting a new standard of service and luxury with the help of AERO Specialties’ advanced GSE solutions. As demands continue to evolve for customers, AERO Specialties will continue to support those changes in new, more efficient ways, enabling advances in Aerospace to take us all into a new and brighter future.


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