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AERO’s GPU 2400-315 Powers A Brand New Gulfstream G280

When we brought the understated single-phase GPU-2400 315 to Micron’s hangar for their brand-new Gulfstream G280, they didn’t believe it could provide enough continuous power for their new corporate jet – let alone starting power. But they were pleasantly surprised to find that not only did the GPU-2400 315 supply flawless start and continuous power – it did so absolutely silently. Their other GPU was so loud, they had to yell over it anytime it was running in the hangar. Now, they hardly notice this little orange unit powering the plane. It supplied continuous power for over 6 hours without even getting warm, and nobody’s voice was hoarse by the end of the day.

Offering 315 amps of continuous power and 2450 peak starting amps, the GPU 2400-315 is an ideal solution for 28V DC mobile ground power when single-phase input is the only available option. Designed in collaboration with Powervamp and mounted on a heavy-duty trolley with integrated cable storage, this lightweight unit offers robust power and aircraft protection features.

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