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Aircraft Safe Docking (ASD)

On approach

As the driver approaches the aircraft, he enters the safety area. The operator reduces his speed and presses the ASD button to activate the system. Immediately, a dedicated flashing beacon alerts the management and the other operators on the ramp that the equipment is now in safe mode. In this area, the GSE speed is limited to 5km/h, and the proximity sensor, associated to a sensitive bumper, is activated.

Advanced Imaging

The sensor is a 3D camera able to detect any obstacle in front of the GSE up to 7 meters (fuselage, engines, other GSE, other operators…). A buzzer warns the driver if he gets too close to the speed limit and in case of slow or no reaction from him, the system will automatically stop the equipment.


In the final phase of the docking, or approaching closer than few meters from an obstacle (mainly the fuselage), the ASD system automatically limits the speed of the vehicle to 0.7 km/h. At that speed, even in case of contact, the GSE’s kinetic energy can hardly cause any significant damage to the aircraft.

Smart Logging

In case an impact with the aircraft occurs (or in case the operator does not activate the ASD system for instance) the impact strength will be measured and the GSE will be stopped until the responsible manager un-locks the vehicle after fuselage inspection. This procedure is comparable to the one existing on towbarless tractors in case of reported overtorque events.

The ASD system prevents equipment from approaching the aircraft too quickly, avoiding damage to the fuselage.

Dual Shear Protection

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