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“Safe-Lav” Lavatory Filling System

Prevent Costly Damage To Aircraft & Equipment – Reduce Liability When Servicing Lavatory Systems – Available Pre-Installed Or As A Retrofit Kit

System Overview


Smart Servicing

AERO’s patented “Safe-Lav” system utilizes a dedicated batching tank to determine the maximum quantity of fluid that can be delivered to the aircraft lav system.

Clean Results

Our direct-reading tank & delivery system is unaffected by inaccurate or broken flow meters (which are the leading cause of messy lav system overfills).

Available Now

This kit is available for all new & existing AERO Specialties lavatory service carts. It is also available as a retrofit kit, offering easy installation onto existing lavatory service carts.

No Overfills

A single overfill can cost thousands of dollars in aircraft damage – not to mention aircraft downtime & the loss of a good customer. Protect your good name – install AERO’s “Safe-Lav” on all your lav service equipment!

The Safe-Lav system protects your aircraft and equipment

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