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SiPsHitch™ Linear Force Monitoring System


Smart Towing

Force monitoring gauge in real time providing stress alerts that relate to the aircraft selected from light piston through to wide body heavy airliner. The robust weatherproof design allows for towing in all conditions.

Intuitive Design

Intuitive functions and fast screen selection processes reduce input times. Software is fully upgradeable via flash drive.

Save Money

Reduction in shear pin breakage results in reduced airline operational costs and faster dispatch times. Reduce your fleet size by installing SiPsHitch on your larger tractors.

Use On Your Equipment

SiPsHitch can be fitted to any existing push back tractor including heavy airline. Single level and multi level adapters and hitches, as well as front and rear towing options, are available.

The SiPsHitch™ system protects your aircraft and equipment

Smart Data

Capture Everything

Complete second by second data capture of all towing movements. Easy-to-read data gives you unparalleled insight into your towing operations.

Diagnose Issues

Multiple report selections identify spikes and issues with towing movements and operator deficiencies. Protect your valuable equipment through detailed towing analysis.

Discover Problems

Deep report customization for crucial forensic discoveries. Recall your towing sessions in great detail after towing operations are completed.

Protect Your Data

Data cannot be erased by operator and is protected from unauthorized users.

The SiPsHitch™ system gives you unparalleled towing data

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