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Fill Hoses

  • Fill Hose, 3/4-Inch (12FT)

    AERO Product ID: 2000730

    3/4" braided nylon reinforced potable water fill hose. The most common length for aircraft potable water service is 12 feet (3.66m). NSN: ...more→

    $56.76 USD
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  • Fill Kit, Potable Water

    AERO Product ID: 2026341

    Potable water cart fill kit. Includes 10' (3.05m) hose kit with fitting for both wall and cart to meet FDA standards. ...more→

    $298.78 USD
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  • Spares Kit, Potable Water

    AERO Product ID: 2013377

    This spares kit for AERO Water carts includes: 2000501: 0.75" Potable Water Plug 2000618: 0.75" Potable Water Inlet Fitting 2000869: 0.75" ...more→

    $742.00 USD
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