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Thank you again for your time and the fast responses. I will be in touch as your equipment and great reputation has made you our first choice for a new lav cart.

– Amber Welch, Porter Airlines Inc.

Matt – just a short note to say ‘thanks’ for the quality products, service and support provided by AERO Specialties. Your lav, water and cleaning carts continue to be a staple for our operations requiring this type of equipment. The work AERO Specialties has invested in the web site is a real plus. Once again, thanks. I look forward to continuing the relationship.

– J. Andrew Reeves, VP, Operations & Technical Services, Aircraft Service International Group

The LC60 paid for itself in the first month we owned it. We couldn’t have stayed in business without it: aircraft landed at our FBO because they knew we could service their lavatories, and before we had the LC60 they landed elsewhere. Being able to offer the quick lav service with the LC60 allowed us to service more aircraft than before, and allowed us to sell more fuel as a result. It’s a great unit.

– James Hatsis, Oconee Air Service 3J7

We purchased an LC270-Insert from AERO Specialties last fall for use in Anchorage, Alaska. We have now been using that unit for almost a year. According to the flow gauge, we have pumped 7,278 gallons of flush water through it. We have found this unit to be everything that it was sold to be plus a bit more. Update: By the way, our original water cart is still pumping away at just over 154,000 gallons by our estimate.

– Robert Rieth, Ground Operations Manager, Northern Air Cargo ANC

I would just like to thank AERO Specialties for the use of the LC60-RJ Lav Cart. We used it for approximately five months without any problems. We appreciated having it here.

– Susan Filchner, Station Manager, Skywest Airlines ABE

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