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Thanks your for your support!!! The equipment showed up here at 1630 and they are currently being used. The driver did a great job, he drove straight here and did a fantastic job of protecting the assets. The life line came at the perfect time. As always, the support and  professionalism from AERO Specialties is unmatched!

-Aaron T Hazen, Signature Flight

I received my wands this morning at around 11 a.m (Malaysian Time). Arrived in great condition. Just want to say thank you so much for your services & product. You guys did an awesome job & truly professional. It would be a delight to work with you guys again. Cheers!

– Aiman Rusdi, Dee Warrior Enterprise

Thank you again for your time and the fast responses. I will be in touch as your equipment and great reputation has made you our first choice for a new lav cart.

– Amber Welch, Porter Airlines Inc.

You guys rock!  Great initiative and industry improving innovation.

-Barry Kane, Atlantic Aviation

Your products are leading the way in their field… High quality, innovative and user friendly products, combined with your consistently high level of service make a great combination.  Keep up the great work.  I wish you could train the rest of my suppliers

– Carter Weeks, Stuart Jet Center SUA

Hi Matt. I just want to thank you and your staff for the great service and support. The eTT-8 and the two eTT-12s are working great there and no-emissions makes our facility Ecofriendly. This is what customer service is all about! Thanks again for the great work.

– Dave Shaw, Merck & Co., Inc.

Derek, thanks for your voice message a couple of a days ago. Yes we received the first two JetGo units, with accessories and the two Red Boxes yesterday. Everything looks good. Looking forward to receiving the last two JetGo’s in February. You have a good product with the JetGo’s and it’s always nice doing business with you guys. Keep up the good work and best of luck for 2014!

– Denis Renaud, Director of Aviation Operations, Government of Saskatchewan, Wildfire Management Branch, Ministry of Environment

Last few weeks I’ve work closely with your team and I’ve got to tell you that you have a great group of people.  I’ve never had the chance to work with people that take so much care for their customers.  A lot of attention was given to GAT project with short time table and your team kept focus and has met their mark.  I and our family at GAT looks forward to continued success with AERO Specialties.  Extra kudos to Seth and Dan.  We’ll be talking soon.

– Hieu Do, GAT Headquarters Mobile

Thank you for the added support of the equipment, as it was desperately needed to make it a success.

-Jason Reed, Signature Flight (in regards to GSE rentals for the 2018 Super Bowl)

Unit worked good for us on our recent deployment to San Jose, CA. The principal advantage is, in comparison to a diesel unit, there is no lag when we press start on our airplane due to the fact that the plane does not draw power from diesel motor/generator and torque is pick up directly from battery power. Also voltage drop was way less than diesel unit. This is a big plus for us as the airplane draw almost 1300 amps peak on start.

Thanks so much for the professional delivery, mechanical state of the unit and customer service

-Jerome Ouellet, TOP ACES Inc.

Derek – Just wanted to let you know that we have received everything. The carts are assembled and ready for many years of use. I am very satisfied with the quality of the units and plan to use them for a long, long time. I thank you for all of your help and it’s been a pleasure working with you!

– John Barto, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, ConocoPhillips Aviation

I wanted to let you know that we received our nitrogen servicing valves and got them installed on our cart. Thank you for the quick service and the kit… very well put together and very well packaged. You guys do great work, I appreciate it!

– Karl Kruger, REACH Air Medical Services

Greg, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with the tow bar you sold me for our Learjet. It’s fantastic quality, and a true no-apologies tow bar. You were great to deal with, and I thank you very much for your help.

-Ken Sutton, Beacon Point Capital LLC

Thank you to everyone at AERO Specialties for going above and beyond in getting the equipment we needed out so fast. Your organization is always and upbeat and appreciative. Everyone at AERO Specialties is a pleasure  to do business with.

– Matt Fiorenza, Life Flight Network

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out this morning to check on our satisfaction with the fuel stand we purchased a few months back. The fuel stand is working very well for us; we haven’t had a single issue to-date.

I appreciate all of the support leading up to the delivery, as well as the follow-up. You guys always do a fantastic job for Signature SBA, so thanks for that!

-Matt Long, Signature Flight Support

Aero Specialties has been Million Air SLC’s preferred equipment vendor for over 10 years, and they have done a lot of great things for us. Most recently, I contacted Matt Sheehan on a Friday afternoon during the Sundance Film Festival. I was faced with a huge issue: I was short of aircraft chocks with numerous aircraft arriving over the weekend. Matt quickly verified his chock inventory and contacted me 1 hour later to confirm that my order for 45 pairs would be delivered in Salt Lake City the next morning at 10:00 AM. Sure enough, they arrived when we needed them.

– Mike McCarty, FBO Manager, Million Air SLC

I just wanted to take a moment and shout out a big “THANK YOU!” to all of you at Aero Specialties for the EXCELLENT customer service your team provided Horizon Air.

We needed two O2/N2 carts built and shipped to Anchorage, Alaska to support our operations starting March 3rd.

I also wanted to specifically mention that Dan Meyer went the extra mile to accommodate our needs to ensure a quick turn time and shipment of the carts. He was willing to work on his weekend to ensure everything went as planned to ensure the equipment shipped by the promised date.

Once again, THANK YOU!!!

– Mike Witt, Lead A&P Technician – Strategic Planning, Alaska Airlines

AERO Specialties’ after-sales service is excellent. We have purchased quite a few pieces of equipment from AERO over the last 10 years, and whenever we have had a problem they have fixed it right away. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone for AERO’s service.

– Mohamed (Moe) Rahman, Director of Maintenance, Landmark Aviation YVR

Just wanted to thank you again for the help. You made this process way too easy and for that I wanted to thank you. I will be going through you for the purchase of all of these towbar products. Thank you again for the outstanding help!

– Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans, LA

For years I never liked the idea of putting all my eggs in one basket. That was until I began our relationship with AERO Specialties and Eagle. I cannot say enough about the team at AERO Specialties or Eagle for that matter. Matt Sheehan and his team are always on top of any need we may have. They are always very quick to respond anytime a problem may arise, which is very, very seldom. These folks are the epitome of what customer service is all about, before and after the sale.

Eagle Tractors have become our standard for aircraft towing.  They are reliable, dependable, and the support from AERO and Eagle is second to none.  You cannot go wrong with either.

– Oscar Flowers, TAC Air

Great job, we are very grateful for you and your company’s business.

Here at LADD Supply we believe that “serving those who serve” is paramount.

Going forward, it’ll be nothing but positive praise for the effort your company has put into this order from cradle to grave. Thanks again for the terrific support.

– Paul Blanchard, Ladd Supply Company

Hi Dan, thank you so much for your very quick replies on the cost quotes for baggage tractors and jet tugs. It is refreshing to find someone who really cares and does good work, which I’m sure defines you. I so much appreciate your help.

-Peter Verschoor, Utah DEQ Division of Air Quality

I installed the new generator (on the JetGo) and it is working perfectly. Also, I installed the fuel filter conversion and I love it. I noticed such an increase in performance that I shot off an email to our entire company (all GMs and all mechanics) letting them know that if they have the paper filters they should buy the conversion kit you guys have. Dan has been very helpful in providing me with all the necessary info. That email went to about 150 people in all the Atlantic Aviation community.

Thank you again for all your help, You, Curtis, and Dan made this a pleasant experience.

– Philip Pastula, SNA Facility Manager, Atlantic Aviation

We here at the Napa Jet Center have been loyal AERO Specialties customers for quite some time.

We keep coming back, firstly because of the fine products that you sell and just as important if not more, the great service team members that you have.

I have been personally working with Seth Stansell for quite sometime and his service and demeanor have been absolutely fantastic! His vast knowledge of the products you carry and cheerful attitude makes it an absolute pleasure to work with! Our kudos to Seth and your entire team.

I also recall meeting you at NBAA a couple of years ago. We needed solid rubber tires for our Lav-cart I believe. You had discontinued carrying the product. However since we needed it, you made it happen and we ended up with solid rubber tires that were shipped over to us.

This culture of can–do attitude obviously runs throughout the company!!!

-Pradeep K. Panikar, Napa Jet Center

Thank you guys so much for working with me on this. It has made such a difference in the operation. You really went above and beyond to get the equipment here in time to meet my deadline. Thank you!
I look forward to our future order.

–Richard Formo, Signature Flight

Matt – I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, Dennis and the rest of your staff for all the help in trouble shooting the problems with my D40D deicer, your after sales service is well beyond any I have seen in this industry. The “Checklist” forms you sent will be a great help in preventing this kind of problem in the future, and should keep the unit in top condition for many years to come. Keep up the good work.

– Richard Marquardt, President, Starview Aviation Services

I’ve been very pleased with our customized HMA Series hydraulic power cart. Your design and fabrication services were a breeze and we have enjoyed over 120 trouble-free operational hours in the last 9 months. The cart is quiet and easy to operate. It is also a very robust platform, providing the flexibility that we need throughout the aircraft assembly and testing processes. Thanks for providing a quality product, with quality service to back it up.

– Ryan Mitchell, Manufacturing Engineer, Embraer Executive Aircraft

Hi Dan, I just saw that our customer received their charge adapter early this morning – ordered late yesterday by Ken.

I was just thinking how lucky we are to have you to help us! Ken always likes to call you to place orders and enjoys talking to you, and everything is always done right and with a smile (I’m sure, even though we can’t actually see it…).

Thanks for taking care of us – we really do appreciate what you do for us!!  AERO Specialties is lucky to have you.

– Sally Johnston, Delta Technology, Inc.

On behalf of everyone at Banyan Air Service, we thank you for allowing us to demo the electric line of Eagle tug vehicles. Our technicians were extremely pleased with the performance, draw bar ratings, and duration of use on both the eTT8 and the eMTT. The trailer mounted charging system worked flawlessly and charged the vehicles quickly. Both vehicles maintained a usable charge that allowed us to operate them for 16 hrs. of continuous use.  The eTT8 was magical when stacking hangars. The four wheel drive/steering allowed us to maneuver the vehicle in ways we have not experienced before using a conventional tug. Its low stature allowed us to maneuver it under wings of aircraft to maximize space inside hangars. The only downside we discovered was when using a universal tow bar (Brackett TR-34) the visibility was limited. But, when using Aero Specialties interchangeable tow bar and heads there were no issues. The eMTT surprised us with its ability to tow large aircraft effectively with such a compact piece of equipment. Both vehicles operated flawlessly and our department was unhappy that we had to relinquish them back to you. We are confident these pieces of equipment will be able to handle the heavy workload encountered during the Super Bowl.

– Shawn Mack, Banyan Air Service

I am writing this testimonial to recognize Rod Gray and Aero Specialties. Rod has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  I met him a few months ago as he popped into our Signature FLL location one day. He approached me to tell me a little about himself and Aero Specialties. He offered our location the opportunity to demo his equipment. About six weeks later, the equipment arrived.

Rod left us with two JetGo diesel Hybrid GPU’s and Eagle Mtt-5 electric Tugs. We were amazed and quite pleased with the operating simplicity that the JetGo Hybrid GPU’s offered. The GPU’s require the push of just 1 button to power up or down and you’re in business, it doesn’t get easier than that. I was also quite amazed that the GPU’s will provide 25 amps of power to an aircraft for up to 9 hours without the use of an engine.

Lastly, we found 100% pure electricity Eagle electric aircraft tugs truly remarkable. It is such a smooth and comfortable ride. We ran it from 100% battery without charging it and got 6 straight “running” hours out of it before it required a charge. It wasn’t actually charged for several days, the 6 hours is purely operating time. We were also impressed with that and how quickly the SVS opportunity charger recharges the unit. The turning radius is fantastic! The Tug can do “figure 8’s” within a 4 foot circle, it turns on an absolute dime. Another impressive feature we found quite helpful to better efficiently do our job was the “Inch Mode” feature. Rather than wasting time trying to line-up your Tug to the tow bar and inch it up manually, there is a switch that safely allows you to pull the Tug right to the tow bar and hook-up yourself without actually driving the Tug. It’s really safe and neat, you really need to see it.

We at Signature FLL were extremely impressed with the products that Aero Specialties designed and manufactured. During our three week demonstration period, not one person on our staff could find anything to complain about. Thank you very much for the opportunity to experiment your equipment, we were extremely impressed!

– Shayne Scott, Operations Supervisor, Signature Flight Support FLL

We finally got to use the HPU on an aircraft last week and it worked perfectly. The pressure control is a really nice feature and it has to be the quietest HPU we have ever used. Thanks for the training, it served us well.

-Stephen Ziglear, Director of Maintenance, Skyward Aviation

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Matt Sheehan and his team at AERO Specialties to your firm. I have worked with Matt for more than 15 years and in that time, they have done more than just supply us with new equipment and parts, they have supported us with service and solutions. I recommend them with enthusiasm, and when given the opportunity I always recommend their products to others in the airline industry.

– Steve Minier, Technical Services Senior Director, ASIG

Aero Specialties is a great company to do business with, they stand behind their product and provide outstanding service and support. They are always ready to help on short notice, not to mention they are some of the nicest guys in the GSE industry.

– Vicki Wolff, Purchasing, Horizon Air

I just had to take a minute and mention that I enjoyed not only your friendly, service oriented attitude, but the person who answered my call is absolutely top notch. She is as professional as anybody ever could be. She really exudes competence and gives your customers a wonderful first impression of your company.

– Wayne Cartwright, May Trucking Company, Flight Dept.

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