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The rental Harlan HTLPAW80 8,000 DBP aircraft pushback you sent in here to HDN was properly prepared for winter service and worked out fantastic. We had zero problems starting it and zero problems with the unit. Tires were excellent and everything worked well in the tough winter operations we have in the Colorado Rockies. Outstanding equipment. Thank you.

– James Denker, General Manager, American Eagle HDN

Thank you for the added support of the equipment, as it was desperately needed to make it a success.

-Jason Reed, Signature Flight (in regards to GSE rentals for the 2018 Super Bowl)

Everyone at AERO Specialties was easy to work with, and they were able to give me a price right away on fleet rentals. The equipment was in excellent condition and ready to start when it arrived at our facility. Our maintenance folks didn’t have to worry about or wonder if they should put the items in service before giving them a complete going over. We were very pleased with the service and equipment.

– Larry R. Rich, Senior Buyer, ABX Air

The guys love the new CL-300 head – especially the handles.  Matt – “always improving!”

– Phil Bissonnette, General Manager, TAC Air SUS

This is just one example of the support provided by Matt Sheehan with Aero Specialties. When I asked Matt to step-up to the plate and help Signature Flight Support with the Inauguration and Super Bowl I had no idea Aero Specialties could hit a grand slam and provide a full blown package like they did.

– Steve Minier, Sr. Director GSE, Aircraft Service International Group

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