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Fire Extinguisher Mounting Kit, 10 lbs.

$264.32 USD

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10 lbs. Fire Extinguisher Kit. This can be used on larger ground support equipment (tow tractors & tugs, beltloaders, GPUs, etc.)

Kit includes the following items:

  • (1) PN 004470: Fire Extinguisher, 10 lbs. BC rated
    • This BC rated extinguisher contains a siliconized sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical with free flowing and non-caking additives. Economical Class B & C protection with lower initial cost and recharging. This chemical smothers fires in flammable liquids and pressurized gases and will not conduct electricity back to the operator.
  • (1) PN 004469: Fire Extinguisher Bracket, for 10 lbs. Extinguisher, 5 inch diameter

Fire Extinguisher Features:

  • Dependable Drawn Steel Cylinders
  • Stored Pressure Design
  • Dependable Drawn Steel Cylinders
  • Durable High Gloss Polyester Powder Paint
  • All Metal Valve Construction
  • Temperature Range: -65°F to 120°F
  • Easy and Economical to Maintain and Service
  • USCG Approved with Bracket Listed on UL Label

  • Height: 20 inches
  • Width: 7 3/4 inches
  • Depth: 5 Diameter inches

Fire Extinguisher Specifications:

  • Size & Capacity (lbs.): 10 lbs.
  • Application: Hose and Nozzle
  • U/L Rating: 60B:C
  • Range: 15 -21 ft
  • Discharge Time: 28 seconds
  • F.M. Approved: Yes

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