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Iron Tire Aircraft Flat Tire Dolly (20,000 lbs. Capacity)

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The Iron Tire aircraft flat tire dolly is specifically designed to be used on airplanes with a flat tire, making it quick and painless for any one-person to recover a disabled aircraft from your runway or taxiway. This ability to easily move wheels & flat tires ensures that your airport remains open for air-traffic and business.

  • 20,000lb airplane or 10,000lb dolly capacity
  • No mechanic, replacement parts, or aircraft specific jacks needed to free the runway or taxiway which saves you time, money, and storage space.
  • Complete operation in less than five minutes.
  • Single person maneuvering and operation.
  • Can be used on the nose, tail, or main gears.
  • Built with versatility in mind to be used on fixed gear, retractable gear, low and high-wing aircraft.
  • Enables you to bring the aircraft out of the elements into the maintenance hangar for repair.
  • Utilizes a universal towbar attachment on both ends.

Part Descriptions 

1. Hydraulic Cylinder 

  •  The hydraulic cylinder is used to apply an equal linear force on the frame pivot point, which opens and closes the frame during operation. 

2. 2-Stage Hydraulic Pump 

  •  The 2-stage hydraulic pump is used to apply pressure on the hydraulic cylinder which opens and closes the frame. 
  •  The two-speed operation increases productivity and reduces user fatigue. 
  •  The first stage allows operation up to 200 psi and the second stage allows operation up to 10,000 psi with a maximum operating-force of 88 lbs. 

3. Caster Swivel Locks 

  •  These are keyed spring pins that are located on all 4 casters and are able to lock the casters directionally every 90°. 
  •  The swivel locks must be used to lock the casters in the direction of towing while transporting the dolly to keep the Iron Tire from “whipping” side to side. 
  •  Once at the aircraft, unlock the wheels so the Iron Tire has free mobility to move around the tire. 
  •  When towing an airplane with 1 flat main gear, keep the casters unlocked. 
  •  If you are using the dolly on the nose gear or an airplane, keep the casters on the trailing side of the dolly locked in the direction of towing to allow for proper turning response and to prevent damage to the nose-gear. 
  •  If you are using two units (both main gears are flat) then you must lock the casters on both wheel dollies. Failure to do so will cause uncontrollable motion and risk over-torqueing the nose gear or other mechanical damage when making turns. 

4. Release Valve 

  •  The release valve is located on the front side of the hydraulic pump. 
  •  For extending the hydraulic ram, which closes the frame, and lifting aircraft, rotate the thumbwheel clockwise until it is firmly seated and begin using the hydraulic pump. 
  •  For retracting the hydraulic cylinder and lowering an aircraft, rotate the thumbwheel counter-clockwise slowly and the single-acting cylinder will automatically retract, opening the dolly’s frame. 

5. Wheel Spoon and Roller Assembly 

  •  The wheel spoon roller assemblies are forced underneath the flat tire and swivel upwards with the closing of the frame, or extending the hydraulic cylinder. 
  •  The wheel spoon and roller assemblies are made to cradle the flat tire and support the entire weight of the flat tire load. 

6. Wheel Spoon Rollers 

  •  The wheel spoon rollers are mounted on the top and bottom of the wheel spoons and allow for the flat tire to easily roll onto the wheel spoons during lifting, or closing the frame. Shipping brackets function as aides to shipping the Iron Tire. They may remain in place as handles or removed as per the owners discretion. 

7. Shipping Bracket 

  • Shipping brackets function as aides to shipping the Iron Tire. They may remain in place as handles or removed as per the owners discretion. 

8. Towbar & Safety Strap Attachment 

  •  There is a towbar & safety strap attachment located on both sides of the frame assembly used for towing and as an anchor point for strapping the tire onto the dolly. 
  •  Always use the provided safety strap to secure the tire in place before towing. The strap is to connect on BOTH anchor points and be centered directly over the tire and securely tightened. 
  •  The attachment is made to accept a hand towbar or attach to a universal towbar so the wheel dolly can be towed to the aircraft behind a tug or towing vehicle. 


  • The Iron Tire has a weight capacity of 20,000 lbs., covering a large variety of single and twin engine airplanes.
  • The Iron Tire is equipped with two universal tow bar attachments so the dolly can be quickly towed to the airplane and easily moved around the hangar.
  • The Iron Tire can be used on a flat tire no matter what condition the flat is in. If the tire is off of the bead, shredded, bound in a brake caliper, or just simply flat, our product will still get the job done.
  • The Iron Tire does not touch any part of the airplane other than the tire itself. This protects the user from causing further physical damage to aircraft components such as brake lines, linkages, seals, shrouds, paint, or other structural parts.
  • The Iron Tire does not require the aircraft to move or roll when being used. In fact, aircraft mechanics providing design feedback suggest not rolling a flat tire even a few inches.
  • Because the device only has heavy duty swivel casters, perfect alignment of the device with the aircraft is not an issue since the product is self-aligning (extending the lifetime of the casters).
  • The Iron Tire has a multi-directional frame and does not rely on single-direction pulleys or wenches. This makes the process of separating the aircraft from the dolly quick and easy.

Unit Dimensions: 43" x 33" x 16", 280 lbs.

Crated Dimensions: 56” X 71” X 26”, 585 lbs.

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