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Red Box RBI8200T UAV Mechanic Tool Kit (45 Tools) (Metric)

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A selection of 45 BAHCO tools, with a lifetime guarantee, fitted into a wheeled, synthetic resin, watertight, impact-resistant case with pressure equalizing valve. The tools are embedded into two-colour, Skydrol resistant foam, offering a heightened level of tool control.

This tool set is ideal for Drone/UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) mechanics.

Length: 24.8" (630 mm)

Width: 19.7" (500 mm)

Height: 12" (305 mm)

Weight: 53 lbs. (24 kg)

4750RCHDW01Trolley Case
R282320000Tool SMA Torque Wrench
M22520/2-01Crimpers Crimp Tool
Z80-280Hand Tools Insertion Removal Tool
Z125-901Crimp Contact Positioner G125
Z125-900Tool Hand Crimper 26-32AWG Side
Z125-902G15 Crimp Ins/Remov Tool Kit
808050SStubby Ratcheting 1/4" bit holder Screwdriver
59/S28-4Bit Set for Slotted, Phillips, Torx,hexagon and torq head screws
BE-7855Nut Driver, Hexagon Nut 5.5 mm
BE-7805Nut Driver, Hexagon Nut 5 mm
BE-7804Nut Driver, Hexagon Nut 4.5 mm
BE-7845Nut Driver, Hexagon Nut 4.5 mm
3046-OPOptical magnifier
BE-7807Nut Driver, Hexagon Nut 7 mm
BE-7806Nut Driver, Hexagon Nut 6 mm
508-6380Lead Free Flux Pen
289-31355 mm Straight Chisel Soldering Iron Tip
296-26132.5 mm 30o Straight Chisel Soldering Iron Tip
321-7289 Flux Pen
787-3101ESD Grounding wrist strap and cord set
298-3890Earth Bonding Plug with 10mm Stud Banana Socket
129-4874Connecting ESD Grounding Cord 2m
706-48124 mm Hex Torque Screwdriver 0.1 - 0.6nm
847-7596 No. 11 Carbon Steel Scalpel Blade
5469 AMIAnti Magnetic Tweezers
847-7580 Craft Knife Set with 5 blades
2705RSpecial Tin Sissors
706-5Prison Screwdriver set 24 pcs
BS20/S1010 piece metric combination spanner set
904-8278Crimp tool wire to board terminal 28-26 AWG
2101G-125Side cutting pliers
2420 G-125Flat Nose Pliers
2430 G-140Snipe Nose Pliers
5568/55 piece stanless steel tweezer set
2430 G-160Snipe Nose Pliers
287-8962CK wire stripper 0.25 - 0.80mm
910-7150CK wire stripper 0.3 - 1mm
910-7141CK wire stripper 0.12 - 0.40mm
734-860IDEAL INDUSTRIES Replacement Blade Set Cable Stripper Blade
243-128IDEAL INDUSTRIES Replacement Blade Set Cable Stripper Blade
194-0246IDEAL INDUSTRIES Wire stop assembly wire stop
734-832IDEAL INDUSTRIES Wire stripper frame cable
179Fluke Multimeter
 2 additional Positioners

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