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TLD TMX-TTV Aircraft Towing Tractor Package

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Introducing the new TMX-TTV (Tactical Towing Vehicle). We’ve taken a standard TLD TMX-50 aircraft towing tractor and added ingeniously designed options to satisfy any towing need. The Tactical Towing Vehicle package includes a towbar holder with lunette securing post, no-slip towbar head pads on both sides, front and rear wheel chock holders, traffic cone holsters, easy-access marshalling wand storage, and even a water bottle holster. We’ve filled the TMX-50 to the brim with the most useful options we could think of, and spent countless hours designing secure and ergonomic GSE storage to accommodate your every need while out on the ramp.

This self-supporting vehicle allows the towing team to handle multiple aircraft ranging from light Cirrus airframes to the largest Gulfstream – seamlessly and safely without wasted labor or ramp movements. All options are designed with our EZ-INSTALL system. Simply remove factory panel mounting bolts, add our options and reinstall hardware. No modifications required! The entire kit installs in under three hours.

Not enough for you? Customize the TMX-TTV with additional options, such as our patented SiPsHitch linear force monitoring system, giving your operation ultimate control over the finest details of aircraft towing. The SiPsHitch system assures all towing forces stay within airframe manufacturer specifiactions, all the while monitoring and recording every movement. As part of our Aviation Safety Equipment (ASE) line of products, the TMX-TTV and SiPsHitch products are designed to put safety first, reducing the risk of injury to your personnel and reducing the risk of damage to the aircraft and other equipment. Protect your good name and get with the program – the ASE program!

Note: Photos show the TMX-TTV with patented SiPsHitch linear force monitoring system (SiPsHitch is not part of the standard TMX-TTV package but is available for retrofit on any tractor).

  • Towbar holder with lunette securing post
  • No-slip towbar head pads on both sides
  • Front and rear wheel chock holders
  • Traffic cone holsters
  • Easy-access marshalling wand storage
  • Water bottle holster
  • Kit uses factory panel mounting bolts for easy installation

Kit Product ID: 2014448

Note All parts can be purchased individually

No.QuantityProduct IDDescription
112012706Towbar Head Storage Pad, Driver Side (Fits Up To 4 Corporate Towbar Heads)
212012707Towbar Head Storage Pad, Passenger Side (Fits Up To 4 Corporate Towbar Heads)
312012712Universal Wheel Chock Tray (Fits Chocks Up To 24" Length)
412011469Wheel Chock Box/Towbar Rack (Fits Chocks Up To 24" Length)
512012512Cone Holster
622011456Wand & Water Bottle Storage
712012510Wheel Chock Box, Front

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